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  1. I was wondering why the prenatals have sugar in them. It seems kind of odd to put something in a vitamin that doctors warn to stay away from. I know it’s only 3g but still.

  2. i know a lot of people love ASMR, but these sounds quite literally made me feel ill 🥴

  3. not to add onto the list of people saying “hey that was a bad idea” but just wanted to add—if you see a doctor (and you should) PLEASE tell them what you’ve taken. and bring the original box/bottle with you so they can see expiration date, dosage, etc. if they prescribe you something new and it interacts with what you’ve already taken because they didn’t know you’d taken it, you’re just really digging yourself into a deep deep hole here. making something much worse than it needed to be. your doctor doesn’t care if you’re embarrassed about making a mistake, they care if they accidentally harm you because you were afraid of telling the truth.

  4. yuuuuuuup. 41 weeks for baby #1 and we’re now 40+3 for baby #2 with no signs of labor. at least my children are consistent 🫠

  5. I assume you mean in a musical? Cause she was in The Minutes.

  6. yes! there’s just something about her voice, i could listen to her sing the dictionary. 🤌🏼

  7. AMEN. why is this the first comment i’ve seen regarding their family connections??

  8. oooh, i actually have one to add here! i have seen a lot of shows (season ticket holder for touring productions in my city) and i had my very first show stop last weekend. it was the touring production of Hairspray, and they paused about a minute into “It’s Hairspray” and restarted at the top of the song after a few minute break. i’ve never seen that happen so it was pretty wild.

  9. Lol as soon as I read “Alice” I immediately shouted in my head “Who the f*ck is Alice!”.

  10. i’m surprised i haven’t seen anyone else from the US has weighed in here, i’m very aware of the song as well! very popular bar song here, at least where i’m from in the midwest.

  11. NTA. But I would ask for an indefinite decision until you see how things go.

  12. if this were a trip for another reason, i’d totally agree with this. but for the bride and groom, who have probably put so much work into a day that’s so important to them, not knowing if your best man is going to show up until that close to the wedding is incredibly stressful. if there’s even a chance he’s not going to go, he should bow out of the wedding party so someone else can take over his responsibilities and speech. he could still go as a guest, so if he doesn’t make it it’s not that severe and nothing has to be scrambled around or covered last minute.

  13. as a fellow member of the dead dad club, i just lost it hahaha. dead dad jokes make everyone uncomfortable unless you also have a dead dad, then they’re hilarious.

  14. a few people have said jerky—my husband brought jerky and the entire room smelled like stinky meat for a loooooooong time. i’d advise against that one just in case the smell is bothersome when you’re in labor!

  15. like everyone else said, sue them. then laugh your “middle aged pregnant” ass all the way to the bank.

  16. Get an app to track your cycle! That's what I plan on doing because I hate how birth control makes me feel.

  17. He had mentioned in a vlog awhile ago he had been cleared to drive as it had been a very long time since he had a seizure and was medicated. The fact you would even think to say this while someone is in a hospital and will have to deal with the feelings surrounding this situation for life is absolutely DISGUSTING. Would you say the same thing about someone elderly having a heart attack and causing an accident? As you get older the odds increase dramatically, so shame of them for not thinking ahead, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ you sound miserable.

  18. thank you for responding to that comment before it got deleted. i literally couldn’t even form words to respond to that dickhead. like wtf is wrong with someone that the first thing they think of is to wish ill will on someone who, if they wake up at all, is going to wake up to news they accidentally killed someone? fucking vile. you can be sad for the deceased and sad for the person “at fault” at the same time. survivors guilt can absolutely gut someone for their entire life, no one needs to help them along into their misery.

  19. i almost never recommend aronoff shows for children under 13 unless they’re incredibly mature for their age. it’s hard for kids to sit still through the first half (usually hour and a half) then get a break and have to do it all over again for the second half. they’re bored. i sat next to a girl around 8 this week at My Fair Lady and she could not sit still, poor girl was bored to death. which is unfortunate for her, AND for all the people around her who miss parts of the show bc of talking, asking when it’s going to be over, asking questions about the show, wiggling, standing up and down, crinkling candy wrappers, etc.

  20. Whew! Thanks for the great response! I’m going to continue searching for JR shows and I’ll make sure to check out Cincinnati USA. Appreciate it!!

  21. no problem! as someone who’s loved musicals since i was a little girl, i appreciate wanting to give that experience to kids! but it definitely can be challenging to find ones that keep them engaged (and don’t break the bank). hope you find some good ones!

  22. Oh, but I swear the man doesn’t really have to do as much as the woman.. so they could still prepare meals ? But idk, This is my first baby lol

  23. i mean, there’s no reason you two shouldnt be doing equal amounts of work aside from breast feeding if you choose do that. that’s the only reason the woman would have to be doing more than her partner in regards to child care. but if the dynamic that you two have agreed upon is that you’ll be doing most of the work, then that’s what it is. but it’s certainly not a given that you should be doing more work than him. you’re both baby’s parents.

  24. call your dr office. don’t try to interpret medical test results on your own. just call them and they can explain it to you. google is not your friend in these situations.

  25. knowing that Matt Prokop was abusive to Sarah Hyland during their relationship kind of sucks the fun out of Geek Charming tho 😔

  26. oh for sure, we need a smol zendaya series of commentary videos and then he can react to Euphoria hahaha

  27. Yup. They sound like a bunch of bros who wear their hats backwards and have their wives bring them another coors.

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