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Nichelle Nichols, Trailblazing Star Trek Icon, Dead at 89

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Steve Bannon found guilty of contempt for defying January 6 committee subpoena

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A research group has fabricated a highly transparent solar cell with a 2D atomic sheet. These near-invisible solar cells achieved an average visible transparency of 79%, meaning they can, in theory, be placed everywhere - building windows, the front panel of cars, and even human skin.

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  1. People cannot just fucking resist finishing that 2nd excavator before everyone has 10

  2. When I find a good excavator group, I cling on for dear life.

  3. the most annoying part is when you are setting the mission selecting your relic and the screen goes back because someone left the party, only for you to encounter the same person next game

  4. If you extract from an endless mission before set 4 (wave 20, 20 minutes, 800 cryo, etc), you shouldn't be able to re-queue for that same mission for 10 minutes.

  5. Well it’s weird because they were supposed to ship back in spring and here it is nearly autumn and they’re still promoting for people to pre order the game.

  6. Yeah, video and board games are entirely different beasts on Kickstarter.

  7. Yeah, I'd built there first (and done so in a safe/secure manner).

  8. I used to be a server admin for a large gaming community and the number of people who were banned for breaking the rules who then complained publicly saying they got banned for something else was staggering. The worse their behaviour, the more they lied about it.

  9. I was on the opposite end. I was playing on a server, working on a project in the Nether. And some new kid dragged a ton of enemies to me, killing us both. I snapped at him and was pretty mean. Apologized in chat an hour or so later once I'd cooled down.

  10. I am not arguing that the fact is factually accurate. I am one of the Indian vegetarians myself. Just saying it's because more vegetarians in USA are indeed white. Understandable imo.

  11. Also of note, "most by population" and "most by percentage" are very different.

  12. Anyone who engages into this discussion with holier than thou attitude is difficult to deal with.

  13. Oh, I'm fully aware MOST white american vegans don't shove it in your face. But enough of them do that it stands out.

  14. To participate, you must have a Trade Hub module on a starbase in a system that has at least 50 trade value going into or through it. Do you have any Trade Hubs?

  15. Yup. 6 of them on each of 2 stations, handling most of the gathered trade for my space.

  16. After further investigation: it turns out that the value the event checks is actually the amount of trade actually produced in that single specific system. It doesn't count trade from trade routes. It doesn't even count trade gathered by the same starbase from other systems.

  17. Ah, thank you. So if I hadn't taken the trade hub out of my capital I would have been fine.

  18. I believe we call that a lucky negligent shooter... but is he lucky? He shot someone who was committing a crime, but there are really specific circumstances where that's OK and I'm not sure "but I was shooting at dogs" is one of them.

  19. I deal with this question all the time on social video games (like the fad popularity Among Us).

  20. Shatner is a bit like Sinatra in that regard. A bit of an ego-maniac, but rabidly loyal to his friends and way ahead of his time in racial equality.

  21. Yeah this post fundamentally misses the issue. Relativity.

  22. A key distinction, Q is not the protagonist. That alone changes a lot.

  23. Play as dorfs, find cotton candy, break into the circus, then defeat the clown army.

  24. Jump-scares are like hot sauce. Used in the right amount and circumstances it’s good, but too many people use an excessive amount of it to hide the fact that what’s under it is utterly lacking

  25. The problem with jump scares is that they get used in place of actual fear.

  26. Let's push this example a bit further.

  27. I’m shocked by the comments. This wasn’t impressive when I was in 6th grade lol.

  28. I had to learn cursive in grade school (late 80s). Basically EVERYONE's penmanship was good in 5th to 7th grade.

  29. Text guides are still the absolute best.

  30. huh...maybe some porn stars should do striptease sex ed.

  31. Kefka. Homicidal lackey clown of the emperor seems like the comic relief villain for half of FF6. Then he screws over the emperor, causes a magical apocalypse and basically becomes a God. Even with all that power, he still has that iconic laugh all the way to the end.

  32. If I've had stalwart allies all game, I won't stop them from getting the win. Still, the win conditions do seem to favor expanding and exerting power over others. Many of the score criteria can be gamed by conquering. Some can be diplomatic-- I've certainly had vassals while being peaceful.

  33. It doesn't help that you can be TRYING to be peaceful and lead a non-military federation, and your "friends" keep begging to go to war with people non-stop.

  34. I'll bet that when the law put down a $1000 penalty it was a year's income. Fines need to be pegged to inflation at least if not even the fine recipient's income.

  35. In fairness, $1000 for contempt is still a very fair value - for 99% of Americans.

  36. It's mostly men passing these laws and restricting the rights of women.

  37. I give it 30 years before Americans of African descent have to use different water fountains again in Texas.

  38. sounds like they used "resulting in" instead of "resorting to"

  39. I remember in school our math work would have instructions such as, “Find the sum for problems 1-10”

  40. Find 10 answers. Add them up. Present instructor with a single number. Makes it easy for him/her to grade.

  41. This technology *existing* (developed, tested) is huge, even if it isn't a direct commercial use.

  42. Not to mention that JWST is really good at getting images from further out than Hubble, which means we're likely to see Hubble purposed mainly at closer targets.

  43. When 2 or more pods are overlapping, they're 1 pod in practice. This only changes if you wait for them to come to you, which I eventually did by abandoning the secondary objective :)

  44. I've never seen a pod with 2 andro though (or a single pod with more than 3 mutons). So this would have had to be 3 pods, which usually requires at least 6 squares of hidden terrain to be revealed at once (in a single line) or phenomenally bad luck (hence retreating and chalking it up to once in a game RNG).

  45. This is an alien UFO with at least 3 pods inside. If you try to attack it, all the pods activate at once since they're on top of one another.

  46. I mean, I've attacked dozens (hundreds?) of UFOs, and even when there are multiple pods inside, if you're careful about it, you absolutely can engage them one at a time. Or snag two together at worst. You only get all 3 by sending a soldier in past the busted up corner totally blindly, or engage on turn 1 (before they take a few steps around their craft).

  47. Insurance policies generally are responsible for paying attorney fees for defending their clients.

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