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  1. I used to hunt with a $150 bow i bought at k-mart, bagged 8 deer with it over the years

  2. I have a sit drag harness that I wrap around a tree and around my lower back and I just lean back into it. I take my pants completely off so there's no chance I get anything on them

  3. Itll probably just confirm in his head that everybody is out to get him and its a huge jew conspiracy

  4. For the record, Mario will never be a “former Penguin”.

  5. yeah dupuis didnt have a stroke, he threw a DVT blood clot in his lungs which is fatal about 10% of the time

  6. How am I not banned from that sub yet? I just reported probably 30 posts for misinformation

  7. i just want to know if you can burn a luigi board

  8. He was insane if he thought opposition companies like Ford, and Gm etc would stay on and advertise with him.

  9. considering twitter has been the #1 best return on investment for online advertisements for a couple of years, these companies are doing harm to themselves in an attempt to appear virtuous

  10. Twitter is one of the lowest ROI social media sites and has been since it's inception. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn provide a higher ROI. Twitter is honestly terrible and a minimal loss for most companies.

  11. did not need to send the links but thank you, as soon as i saw your reply i googled it. apparently i was grossly misinformed, the only benefit is that its on the cheap side compared to the other platforms

  12. Reddit is run by child predators already

  13. People are exercising their right to defend themselves because the police have no legal duty to protect you.

  14. "The sounds of children screaming has been removed from this video"

  15. god damn these collabs just keep getting better, i love what guntube has evolved into

  16. this is just a religious person reading their holy texts nothing to see here

  17. Right: "life begins at conception"

  18. honestly they should open up the CWD management areas to allow semi auto. they keep upping the number of tags but there arent any more hunters buying them so they go unsold, either give the existing guys more days in the woods in those areas or at least give them a chance to whack more than one at a time

  19. Barely any shooting going on by me today, its wild how much the deer activity levels changed in the woods in 3 weeks

  20. Don't upgrade to banelings Don't upgrade to banelings Don't upgrade to banelings Don't upgrade to banelings Don't upgrade to banelings Don't upgrade to banelings

  21. Nah natives sold this land After they conquered the other tribes that lived here

  22. This is by far the worst penguins jersey in history

  23. I’ll have you know, I have my flight booked out of Canada in January.

  24. What are you gunna back it up with? The economy is too big to function by a gold or silver standard at this point. Besides prices have been the most stable with Quantitative Easing.

  25. Meme backed currency is the future

  26. I'd much rather die early than miss drinking beers and watching bands for the few months the vaccine mandates were in effect

  27. I will remember the screams for the rest of my life

  28. Like the video with the driver’s wife.

  29. honestly i forgot about that one until you reminded me, fuck...

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