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  1. Looks to me that they were afraid of Turn A and Marasai being used to bully Hyperion possibly making people not buy the suit and subsequent cosmetics

  2. Damn, Marasai really got shit on again. He was a tough play after the first round of nerfs without some dedication. Now it sounds like they want him to poke you and make them call dad to beat you up instead.

  3. Going by the description on MAL, I'm guessing it goes something like boy falls in love with idol girl, idol girl bangs someone else or multiple someone elses.

  4. There's a bit of IFV in that pile of ERA bricks.

  5. Denmark called and wants alot of lego back...

  6. It's not. However the BMPs thin armor wasn't designed for much kinetic impact, and they found that even if they stopped the bang, the armor behind the ERA would still break.

  7. How is it unsung in any way or form? it's literally bmw's flagship general use motorcycle engin for 100 years

  8. With how much people go on about the boxer from BMW, it is the last thing I would call unsung.

  9. Tank artillery. This happens for many reasons : in the open, enemy visible and moving, unavailable friendly artillery, a unit needs help/cover etc.

  10. Order the parts yourself and learn how to work on it. It'll save you thousands compared to paying someone else to do it for you. 3k is a pretty big chunk of the bikes value just to replace some parts at a shop.

  11. Bar ends in general are nice. Amazon bar end mirrors are shit.

  12. Next time it won't be hot water, it'll be hot lead.

  13. Hot oil sends a better message

  14. It would certainly be a devious permanent marker for the intruder. Would smell absolutely awful too.

  15. It suffers from the same problem the BMPT terminator does. It has a purpose in mind better served by currently available vehicles that can do the job better if they also get good training to operate efficiently.

  16. The MT-03 but better and with a larger penis.

  17. I'm gonna stop using that quote now that I know it comes from a fucking marvel movie

  18. I would inquire more about the headlight swap. You can tell they're aftermarket, and if they aren't a direct connector plug and play, there could be some electrical gremlins waiting to give you a bad day.

  19. I've owned this bike for 10 years and never touched anything kind of old... that was me, I did that when I was stupid.

  20. I'm very surprised they have the hatches open while in combat. We're nearly at one full year of war in Ukraine and drones are a known prevalent threat.

  21. This is the 3rd footage from the terminator which i seen in the last few days. So it seems they need desperately some propaganda success. Probably for the next mobilisation.

  22. It's weird. This one seems to be basically operating alone without at least any visible infantry or armored vehicles besides itself. And it also again simply fires all of its missiles in one go simply because it can? It's just a very weird video all around.

  23. Analysis of the muzzle venting I have seen indicates that the barrels are improperly aligned where they vent into each other.

  24. They should probably be braced between the two to improve repeat accuracy of the shots they shake quite a bit on firing.

  25. Well they probably won't be around long so why spend the money?

  26. Should one sell? I got a 2020 ninja 650 last year 2.4k miles paid 7k it's got a cracked fairing now but I can fix it as a new parts like 300$ so I'll order jt and then sell but should I sell it now or hold onto it and keep learning instead of selling and waiting for prices to drop?

  27. I can't really answer that one for you. If you enjoy the bike and aren't really leaning towards another bike to buy then hold on to it until you make a choice. If your frustrated by it or just generally not happy with it then sell it now and get the most you can out of it while prices are high.

  28. I'm happy with it, I love the way it looks but I'm a little disappointed at top speed. I'm not good at cornering etc I'm still learning but I figure I could upgrade and ride one slow now that I have road experience. It tops out at 125 and takes 1 miles or it feels like to get going that fast at full tuck and you really can't use the entire throttle you have to grab it really high to twist it as far as you need to get to 125. I've hit it almost every time I've down the highway now in straight lines. Only issue would be if I got another bike like a zx6 insurance would be 2.9k per year for max deductibles no under or uninsured coverage and no medical and min liability. My 650 is 2.5k though.... For the same coverage. I need to buy a car first as well but I figure if I bundle it with a zx6 it'll be cheaper for both because bundle discounts. But I'd go from a 2020 to like a 2000s zx6 because if price so idk if it's worth a downgrade but also upgrade

  29. Zx6r is a great bike and probably the best of the 600(ish) displacement bikes to own. That insurance sounds a little insane though. I had a 2014 yamaha vstar 850 and it was only like 450$. My current scrambler 803 is only just shy of 600$. If your already paying that much just to cover it, then damn I don't know if I would pile a car on top of it. 3k for motorcycle insurance sounds like your getting fucked, but I've also never had a sport or supersport.

  30. That's a $4000 bike. Its 11 years old, and a new one is only 8k

  31. I would be worried that the miles are that old with a bike that old. Basically comes to just about 100 miles... a year.

  32. It's a Honda RC181, the 500cc GP racer built to challenge MV's supremacy in the premier GP class. Honda won the constructor's title with it, but not the rider's title. The Honda was more powerful than MV's 500cc racer, but handling was inferior.

  33. I normally don't like the sound of 2-strokes but my god this one sounds absolutely biblical.

  34. Thats my mistake then. It just sort of sounds slightly like one and spat out an exhaust that looked like a 2-stroke a bit.

  35. Look into a way to push the shifter more forward. I had to do that for my scrambler too because my work boots were not easy to swing down for a shift. Your calfs will thank you by cramping alot less haha.

  36. Low level bottom feeders with inferiority complexes engage in this ridiculous passive aggressive bullshit. The whole "auditor" goal is to create conflict and physical altercations for internet clout and ever precious views. Most are trolling for someone to put their hands on them so they can sue. It's pathetic

  37. They love feeling special. Like they're really "doing" or "proving" something to someone when nobody ever asked a question in the first place.

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