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  1. People are so obsessed with stats they forget it’s a game the point is to have fun. No one cares what your kd is.

  2. I care what my KD is. I don’t have fun without knowing my KD or how many wins I have.

  3. You can look at your wins though. In your calling cards. I’d say let go of having to care so much about your kd cuz at the end of the day no one is really going to impressed. I mean if you’re good you know your good. But to each their own I suppose.

  4. Yeah cuz getting shot and living is realistic… I hate the realistic video game bs. It’s a game.

  5. I just purchased the axe11000 for $329 feel happy about it.

  6. I have this power strip just for my pc configuration. Since I have odd shaped adapters for an amp. I have my router, amp, two monitors, and my pc hooked up to it.

  7. Sounds like someone is taking advantage of him.

  8. Gorgeous build. Personally I'd say no, it looks fine as is.

  9. The only thing I really hate is the atx pwr cord. With the hyte y60 the psu sits vertically with the fan facing outwards and not down so I have to bend the cable weird to get it to plug in with the latch.

  10. The shower looks like a prison cell at first glance.

  11. Daisy chain probably helps with being able to add the extra fan.

  12. You'll hate those temps. I have a Strix 4080 in my Y60 and the temps were horrible. I used a bracket and regular riser cable to move the card away from the glass. The card runs 15c+ cooler.

  13. Temps so far have been good max at 60c will keep an eye out. So you got a different pcie riser cable cuz the hyte stick out to far to move back?

  14. Worked just fine I waited to get the actual standoffs and they’re exactly the same size.

  15. I’ve read other buy cheaper coolers and using those standoffs which should be the same. Are the lga 1200 screws different for each manufacturer you wouldn’t think so.

  16. Idk how everyone else feels but respawn shooters just seem to have ran their course. I’ve played cod since I was 13. I’m now 30. SBMM ruined the multiplayer experience perhaps idk. I just remember having more in the game back in the day

  17. Play the game for fun. Yeah stats are cool but if the reason you can’t play a game is because they don’t have stats for kd or win counts then idk. I feel more free that I don’t have to think about my kd at all and just have fun. You can see wins in calling card so that’s fine. I get to at least know that.

  18. I7-13700k Asus z690 strix e mobo Corsair dominator platinum ddr5 5600mhz asus strix 4070ti and some Corsair rgb fans!

  19. The real answer is to type the question into Google with "reddit" after the question. 99.99% chance the question has already been asked/answered here.

  20. I don’t type anything into google without Reddit. I don’t trust website reviews on gaming components or other stuff I want real opinions from real people that use the stuff. Bit me in the ass when googling best audiophile headphones. Seems like no one agrees on headphones lol

  21. 100%. Yea I've seen some funny threads up headphones. Peripherals are hard because they're more objective to the user, than most of the hardware we deal with as hobbyists.

  22. If it helps you I got the Logitech g pro x super light. It’s great for fps games, amazingly light can’t believe it. Feels like it weighs nothing. Little pricey but I got on sale for like $70.

  23. It’s a odd technique as well. Can’t really practice it when I trained I would get pissed if someone even tried to practice that kick. Like bro we’re sparring not trying to blow knees out.

  24. I really want to know what happened at the end..

  25. Yeah I’m sick of seeing the slap reels on their ig. Who wants to watch grown men standing still one for one not interested.

  26. I bought a 4070ti great for 1440p and lower tdp. No plans on playing 4k anytime soon at all.

  27. Just make sure it's plugged all the way in. Order a 3rd party power cable if it bothers you. Most 40 owners go for a custom cable.

  28. Yeah I bought a 4070ti and the the adapter is too short to make it look good. With the three pcie cables hanging out just bought the cable mod kit.

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