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  1. All my closest friends and family

  2. Used to play GHTP Max'd (PS2 version) religiously. Back in the day there were very active Gamebattles ladders for these games, the community was huge. I'm pretty sure the original game was an Xbox Greatest Hit.

  3. It’s hilarious to me that so many peoples solutions to racism is just to do racism right back.

  4. You’re very lucky honestly. Obviously that should be replaced.

  5. My bad bro next time I’ll let you know beforehand if I’m gonna be on the hill. Look on the bright side. You’re still better than 99% of people on the hill. I’m just better than 100%. It’s not a huge deal.

  6. Technically you can’t be better than 100% since that would mean you’re better than yourself which causes a space time continuum issue.

  7. I put 99.9%, I think Reddit rounded it up

  8. This has actual benefits and people scoff at it but will turn right around and buy a freak kit 😂

  9. To be fair, this should have just been included since the DSR + is like a year old

  10. The DSR+ isn’t even a year old, how are they gonna sell a “pro” upgrade kit?

  11. You’re going too slow and sitting too far forward. If you sit back a bit, the bounce will put you into the front seat instead of tossing you ass over teakettle.

  12. Honestly, if you dress warm it’s not that bad. I would rather deal with that than lift lines

  13. Not sure why you’re being downvoted. I have skied Tremblant in -30 conditions. If you dress for it, it really isn’t that bad. Bonus is at those temps the resort is much quieter too.

  14. Not on your life, my Hindu friend!

  15. Everyone in here asking “why was he playing? Fire the doctors!”

  16. He went down with what looked like a knee injury vs NYR.

  17. It’s a cap move. Monahan is still skating and progressing well. Don’t worry.

  18. Just wondering... The passenger who tapped the pilots shoulder you think saw the other helicopter come from the right side? Pilot only looking out of left it seemed?

  19. You have it backwards. The other heli hit them on the left side while the pilot was looking right. The person in the back points at it

  20. I mean if he wasn’t a negative defensively he probably would have gotten signed. He lost his offensive ability and can’t be a penalty killer.

  21. If you look at the numbers, he’s not a negative defensively at all. All the important metrics are positive. Shots, scoring chances, expected goals, high danger chances, all of those were in the Devils favour with PK on the ice.

  22. "I never thought of myself as a replacement player. I was always a top player in this league. I didn’t want to be a player who is in and out of the lineup every night."

  23. PK is better than a LOT of defenceman in the league. His numbers last year were not bad at all. Positive corsi, positive expected goals, positive scoring chance differential. The Oilers should have been all over him.

  24. What’s so funny to me is these 2 quite clearly think they’re big tough men, which begs the question why someone driving an electric vehicle bothers them so much?

  25. You’re not good enough to stay Eddy, you gotta go.

  26. Not sure how you could argue that McDavid is not the best player in the league. He is averaging nearly 2 points per game. He had 123 points last year and then added another 33 in 16 playoff games. He’s the best player in the league and possibly the best player to ever play the game.

  27. Also, I might be wrong, but wouldn’t playing games in Laval still count against his contract. It’s still a professional league even if it not the NHL?

  28. There are 2 milestones that matter when it comes to players like Slaf on their ELCs. The first one is the 9 game mark. Once you play your 10th game, your 1st year of your contract kicks in. So for example, next season Slaf will be in Year 2 of his ELC and Wright will be in Year 1. The next is the 40 game mark, which is essentially half the season. So if you spend 40 games on the NHL roster (games played don’t matter), you accrue a season, which means he will be a UFA a little sooner. The AHL has no bearing on this as the ELCs are NHL deals.

  29. But it has to be NHL games? I just assumed that because he is playing for a professional team in the organization, that games with Laval would also count. He’s being paid by the Habs whether in the NHL or Ahl.

  30. Yes, it has to be in the NHL.

  31. Sat with a Quebecois couple on a lift at Whistler. Got to talking about our local hills, they told me about their hill (Mont Sainte Anne). They told me how their gondola has a laundry list of issues and that it emergency stopped and hurt 20+ people. In my stupidity, I booked a trip there this year. One of the gondola cabins fell to the ground over a month ago and the resort has been shuttered since. I immediately thought of the couple I met on the chair. They likely would be saying “I told you so”.

  32. Awesome. The resort actually posted they’re reopening like right after I posted this so I will be shredding MSA in 2 weeks.

  33. Drake dissed Swizz on You Only Live Twice. Swizz was drunk on a live one time and said he’d love to shoot down Drakes plane. Hence the line on YOLT.

  34. Lol honestly a few years ago she was fine af. Don’t know what happened

  35. She is/was a heroin addict

  36. Management has complete access to his doctors and this was his second herniated disc. You're really going through some mental gymnastics here to claim that the team couldn't have predicted recurring injuries which is exactly what happened.

  37. Again, pure speculation. We have no way to prove one way or another, but PK played multiple full seasons, including a 100 game season like I said. If they let him go because they thought his back was broken, they were wrong.

  38. The neck and the back are not connected I guess?

  39. He had a lower back injury. Pretty sure that’s not the neck but I’m not a doctor.

  40. Skating will hold him back IMO. Also I feel like he does a lot of things well, but nothing exceptionally. There are plenty of players who are well rounded like him that just don’t make it to the bigs. I’m hopeful for him though, and if he doesn’t pan out, he was a 5th rounder anyway.

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