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  1. I've got 27k Trophies. May I join your club, please? My tag is: #9L0Y2UY

  2. Start by searching for the last remaining KoroK seed!πŸ˜‚

  3. It's like finding the needle in the haystack! I'm asking for any tips to do it the most efficient way possible πŸ˜‰

  4. I was just screwing with you as they’re KoroK seeds not KoroG seeds. I literally have nothing of use to help you.

  5. Oh okay. Seems like I created a mix out of the German and English translation πŸ˜•

  6. Hey! I'm still in need for A-Z furniture! Able to wait for about 5 hours! (:

  7. To be honest no, PSPlay is using the same code doesn't matter if you connect locally or via the internet there isn't anything different. Currently I unfortunately don't have any clue what causes this issue. Maybe it helps if you turn off HDMI device link on your PlayStation.

  8. This happened to me too, I finally realized it turned off because the TV was turned off and sent the ARC turn off-signal to the PS. When I disabled that setting in th PS5 it stopped turning off.


  10. Wing and a Prayer in the central region gives 2 Bandito Leaders as a reward along with the standard 100 XP.

  11. I'm sorry for your loss. R.I.P & fligh high Stanley πŸ•ŠοΈ

  12. I am really sorry. Even though I got some starbucks here in my city I can not do this. Unfortunately, I am a student.

  13. Maybe you can deliver me through your local post? I heard that it costs 1-2 USD (the mug/bottle)

  14. The mug costs definitely more than 1$, to be exact I think currently 11,99€ here and delivery costs about 4€ depending on where the package goes and how much it weighs

  15. I love taking them home and drinking them there because a Java chip tastes much better than a hot chocolate.

  16. Marshmallow hot chocolate & berry hot chocolate. (They were available in Christmas time 2019 & Valentine's day week 2020)

  17. I know a barista from my local starbucks. But I miss him because the last time I saw him was in September 2020. I'm not sure if he quit or just took another shift, but that wouldn't be likely because I come once a week since then and never saw him again. I am noticing that the other baristas are kinda recognizing me but they are not knowing me at all because they rarely ask about my name. So I'm unsure if I can ask them about it. It would be much more comfortable to know the baristas to ask them and to know where my favorite is.

  18. Ah yeah I had the same thing happen to me before I started working at Starbucks. People tend to come and go a lot but there's also other possibilities with the pandemic and everything! It could be a little awkward but I personally see no harm in asking. I've had regulars ask me about other partners a few times before and it's always nice to hear, honestly. When I was gone for a bit apparently my favorite regular kept asking everyone else when I was coming back and I was so excited to see them again haha

  19. I finally asked for him today. Just to find out, he got transferred to the other starbucks in my city, being literally 500 meters away from the one I am normally visiting. I rarely visit that other starbucks but I think, that will change from now on 😌

  20. Cool! Your comment really encourages me to ask next time. I think I'll try it! ✌️

  21. german barista here! That was totally uprofessional of the baristas serving you and not your fault. The reason that most things were already clean is because most german stores do a soft closing, which means starting to clean things up, while still serving customers, because the time you've got after you are closed for customers isnt enough to clean and prepare everything for the next day ( at my store we start the cleaning about 2 hours before closing) ,but 1. the machines still need to be running because the store is still open, especcially 20 mins before closing and 2. The only machine you need for the hot chocolate is the steamer from the mastrena, and they are not allowed to shut that down before the store is really closed, and if it wasnt working properly, it was not because of the time, but because the machine is broken.

  22. No, the barista shouldn't have been annoyed with you if you came 20 mins before closing for such a simple drink. As others have said, they do start breaking things down a few hours before the store closes, but there should always be 1 espresso machine, 1 blender, 1 tea shaker that is still available to use for anyone coming in before the store closes. They should only have cleaned the extras, such as the other espresso machine or other blenders/shakers.

  23. I think my guess that they already turned out all of the machines and that they lied about their machines wouldn't work properly is right. Thank you for your kind response! (:

  24. Hey, Can I do Hats, Socks & shoes beginning at 3p.m. est? Would be awesome 😎. I read the glitching.

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