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  1. At least the vendor isn't putting cups with 5 dollar bills in the claw game yet

  2. Once I took it for a random playthrough, wandered into a basement and found something called a "frog mother". Thinking it was a hallucination, I approached, and was genuinely sick to my stomach when it popped and sent frogs everywhere. First time I actually had to step away from a game and have a drink to forget what I saw.

  3. There really are frogs which carry their eggs on their back. They aren't 10 feet tall though.

  4. It started out as an independent mod but it got mainlined because there's no reason it shouldn't be canon

  5. Happy for the dude that got his payday. This was always going to be a short term fad -- and dude capitalized. Good for him.

  6. what do you think the creator is going to do with their golden ticket?

  7. republicans and conservatives "complain" and whine that some dr. seuss books get removed from publishing

  8. Chuds literally mad that a book company doesn't want to have to explain the drawing of a minstrel show Chinese farmer guy

  9. Inquisitive minds will be inquisitive, but most won't even notice. After a while is just normal.

  10. True, they keep us beat down so we don't have the emotional stamina to question anything. That's why we gotta be kind to each other, so we have room to breathe and wonder.

  11. Now is the time of monsters. Whatever good things you want to survive, act to preserve them with love.

  12. This is why I can’t stand the “Work reform” bullshit. What the fuck is the point of being unionized if we’re all going to be engulfed in PREVENTABLE climate disasters in <30 years? I have NO INTEREST in maintaining the very system that has lead to our social and climate erosion. The only way to prevent further climate damage is to forgo the system that produces it in the first place.

  13. I'm getting downvoted by consent manufacturers in another sub as we speak just for saying what you're saying~

  14. if you see the word "reform" anywhere make sure to point and laugh at them

  15. Don't the Gilmore Girls characters live in a wealthy tourist trap town?

  16. What gets added to the game depends on what fans want to see in their game. That's how we ended up with so many rare guns.

  17. That would require us to have a real representative democracy in the first place, instead of a pile of mega-corporations wielding an army and a police force. Whatever we accomplish is going to start from the bottom up.

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