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Rapper 6ix9ine jumped in bathroom at LA FITNESS

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  1. So fucking bored waiting for the next match. Not arsed about internationals either, just want all our players to get through them unscathed. Completed Mass Effect legendary edition for the second time this year.

  2. We play Liverpool next. It was good while it lasted

  3. João Cancelo: “Thomas Tuchel made me lose a UCL final, so I hope he will win it for me this year…”

  4. He would cost like 150M, Barca is apparently getting every expensive player for nothing lol

  5. fifa has gone woke 🤬 career mode ? more like career woke

  6. Yayyyy because that’s what players want… not

  7. So at this point because of tu9, no mods are working right?

  8. Times like this it's a shame that Desus & Mero are no longer a thing

  9. people actually use sponsors they see on football kits and clubs? what?

  10. I played Eidos games and I own a Brother printer

  11. You printing your teams off from Championship Manager 2001?

  12. Japanese to English translations of Fire Pro Wrestling G for Playstation 😁

  13. We can double the villainy if we have to bear Brighton in a hypothetical FA cup final.

  14. 2018? Tbf that would be before I even first heard of Erling Haaland (2019 May)

  15. Take care of Jackson Irvine mate, FC St. Pauli needs him

  16. I like ricos new hair. Plus robot hatrick good

  17. Brilliant acting performance from Kev to dodge the Belgium call up

  18. Well Vinny can tell his lads "Look, this is hard as it's going to be next season"

  19. Saw a take that made sense on Twitter. If we don't have Bernardo or Gundo in the side for midfield control, Pep won't play Phillips.

  20. Ok here's the redone Eleven poster featuring Julia Roberts

  21. I'm getting less Lion King Etihad Stadium and more Star Wars Sandcrawler vibes

  22. “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. “

  23. "I wanted to go to Mary D's for some power converters"

  24. On a final positive note, the good thing about this tough draw is if we make the final, the other big boys will be out . I know Napoli are having a great season but I'd rather face them or Inter in the final rather than Bayern or Madrid.

  25. Typical City beating Bayern and Real Madrid to lose to Napoli in the final

  26. Juve are still in Europa, They're probably the most clear cut choice to knock the rags out. And other teams too. Roma would love to get some revenge on them for last time. Problem with Roma is they're so terribly inconsistent. If they're fully on it for both legs, they could best United

  27. Mourinho to knock out United, book it you cowards

  28. We've had some decent Irish lads through the years. Ireland, Dunne, Given...Grealish?

  29. Recce and chilwell belong to physio FC

  30. As far as the pics go, just Kova. But on a whole, Kova, Reece, Chilwell

  31. After Seeing his dressing sense and caption written ,now I think Bernardo fashion sense is better

  32. Stonesy always with the arms. You have to love how much he wants the ball

  33. Maignan not on this chart because he missed most of the season?

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