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  1. shit this pit weighs more than i do.. if i saw this pit in real life probably shit myself before it got anywhere near my hand

  2. Tbf he currently has a worse rating than hooxi. He does deserve some critisicm.

  3. LOL anyone who brings this up is completely braindead.. if you even watch the matches you can clearly see nitr0 is way above hooxis playing level

  4. -oSee for the love of god. Outside of a few rounds here and there, he just looks completely clueless.

  5. seeing his indecisiveness on CT sides is absolutely infuriating. it makes him a complete liability and makes everyone else's rotations completely fucked

  6. is it just me i think the site is getting hugged to death. xD

  7. The first 4 teams play more textbook cs, the second 4 play more heads up CS. Vitality also struggles against the latter.

  8. i actually think Anubis is a much better map than Tuscan. and all those other maps already have had their time

  9. I wouldn’t be opposed to a full disband. Free m0NESY please

  10. Seeing retail of $449 for this at other vendors, some with additional discounts and free shipping and/or no tax.

  11. I’d so buy the PC 4” bug out even if it was like $600

  12. only downside to the PC version is its not the new optic ready cutout

  13. They also got m16 keychains in stock for Black Friday.

  14. for those of us not in the know.. is this just a jig to make a regular ar15 be able to fast pew pew?

  15. PSL for 450 ...cries in sadness.. when i look a GB $3K prices nowadays lol

  16. It's not worth much more, max is like 700 for the romanian pencil barrel

  17. show me where i can get a 700 PSL.. ill insta buy it

  18. anyone know of any sales for the DT MDRx .308 variant

  19. I would not recommend buying a safe from TSC unless you pick it up yourself. Delivery through them was a nightmare

  20. lol shit already oos.. they prolly had like 5 in stock lol

  21. interesting, i take it you love your $20 " Primary Arms Branded Backpack™ " then.

  22. i would treat the majority of steel cased ammo to be somewhat corrosive. and take precaution for it.

  23. A1-S is still OP as fk.. who cares if they nerfed the distance a bit, in most scenarios it doesn't even matter

  24. In the USA: for the first incident, not really the law, though there's a "defense of others" defense that requires proportional force. So if they get charged, there's a legal theory for defending. But imagine what a jury would do if a district attorney tried charging someone for preventing a robbery like this. Only an absolute moron of a prosecutor would file charges. The second incident, self defense. Same as above, could still have charges filed, but that would be the king of all dumb asshat prosecutors filing in the first place. My exp is CA, NY, MA. Possible variations exist in other states, and even within local jurisdictions. The law is malleable and subjective as hell.

  25. i always thought the high price came from dealing with middle men and shipping..if you're actually in vietnam why the hell you tryin to pay $800

  26. well shiiiii when that thing is that huge, it makes for a perfect home guard spider. feeding it gets expensive though

  27. 50 downvotes and it’s really not a FAL. Reddit sucks sometimes

  28. Binary triggers aren't legal in Florida...I know I'm just as shocked as you

  29. sucks so bad..for as freedom state FL is they really screwed the pooch with this one. like it wasn't even related to bump stocks i don't get why they got all bent out of shape for these triggers

  30. There are photos, but they don't seem to work on mobile.

  31. they dont seem to work on desktop either

  32. $20 more than the last time these were posted..but yeah quite a good deal then still a good deal now

  33. hes talking about his armpits not his ass

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