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  1. But we had Deadpool in Wolverine already.

  2. I’d disagree. I love me some contrast between the cladding and paint.

  3. I love the wilderness but really don’t like the contrast on the white and blue. The grey is my favorite since it has the least contrast. Green is nice as well. To each their own :)

  4. Agreed! Mag Grey as a colour overall is chef’s kiss! Esp. on the Sport!

  5. You mess with the flock, you get the glock

  6. i must have a dirty mind cuz I did not read the last word as "glock"

  7. Wrong meme? Fits “potato potato” more IMO.

  8. Reshiram and Zekrom should be switched imo

  9. Why? in black you get reshiram in white you get Zekrom and they swapped it for black/white 2. Also they kinda fit both Zekrom has red eyes but glows blue Reshiram has blue eyes but glows red.

  10. Their tails glow those colors on their backsprites.

  11. High ground on suicide watch right now

  12. Huh. I thought it was the RS etron.

  13. The story of Omayra Sanchez. The story is chilling, but the photograph will haunt you for life (seriously, click at your own risk).

  14. I never knew her name, but I do believe i know 100% who this is.

  15. Anakin would have been granted the rank of Master.

  16. Hmm. Feels like it needs more tail.

  17. Drive Forms are literally the power of friendship

  18. 2021 looks like Wario for some reason

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