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  1. Pretty much a crap shoot on what it is hooked to in your house. However, the person who put that monstrosity in not a plumber

  2. Update: They have released a new android app to PROD. This one works !!

  3. I suggest becoming an Iphoneista in order to fix this issue. Thanks!

  4. Lol. I haven't bought any Apple products since the company was formed. Not going to start at this age. 🤓

  5. It is....I will be using this ! Better than reading aloud from the bible.


  7. And gems like this are why I am on

  8. I have never seen videos of this particular type of ride end well.

  9. Calvin had that beat... Probably 98%

  10. I think it's one of "The Lost" episodes from the 60s

  11. Root beer stand. Come for the footlong stay for the canned chili

  12. Last time I was footlongs....just "regular" dogs .. EDIT: I stand corrected....I just looked at the website....footlongs available.

  13. I knew when I posted would go "there" quest is true. 🤪 I would love to know if they are actually still available. We have the Hot Dog Stand....and Coneys ....but footlongs are history.

  14. From the look of your hand...I would guess 5 or 6 years I get why you wouldn't know about Georgia peanuts.

  15. 300 ohm antenna wire... Used for radio and tv

  16. Or....somebody earned their red wings 😯

  17. i misread this as golden shower and was VERY confused.

  18. Came here to say this beat me...The Internet has ruined us.

  19. Well when I Google the number on the chip in your pic it returns....thermal cutoff.

  20. CYLED 100W LED Corn Light Bulb 6000K Cool White 10000Lumens E39/40 Large Mogul Base LED Street Bulb, 250W Equivalent AC100-277V 360Degree Light Metal Halide Bulb,HPS,CFL

  21. I think OP will be having a TIL moment about American history.


  23. Hope it helps. My comment on that was a while back. I would love to see how many are still around.

  24. Tea-tree oil. They hate it. Works wonders.

  25. So you watched the Ken Burns Civil War??

  26. If only there was water somewhere to help put it out.

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