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  1. Who has been testing this car? Have they said?

  2. Mike Rockenfeller and Jimmie have done most if not all of the testing

  3. Looks like Jimmie was driving it yesterday

  4. Gonna have to make some popcorn for this one

  5. Once truex retires, I wouldn’t be shocked if the 19 team is renunbered to 18. No way JGR abandons the flagship number

  6. Yes, as long as it isn’t another driver’s merch

  7. “Let me tell ya, I loved your daddy”

  8. AJ is supposed to drive the 16 today, so idk if he'll fill in for Ty.

  9. Ty is doing more learning at JGR than I am at an Ivy League school… where did I go wrong?

  10. It’s wild how well AJ has been doing in cup. If Kaulig can consistently give him solid cars, he could make a playoff run

  11. Trackhouse’s one weakness has been short tracks. You know the 9 and 24 will be top 5 all day at Martinsville. If the 11 and 12 bring the speed as well there will be a real battle.

  12. Ross actually did pretty well at Martinsville in the spring. They qualified like garbage, but the 1 was one of the only cars that could pass that race. If they have a stronger effort in qualifying and can pick up a few stage points, they’ll be in a good place.

  13. Maybe it's a little challenge for the drivers

  14. Don’t say that, Taylor Gray would follow through with it

  15. Dale needs to hit the wrong button more often

  16. I genuinely believe Tom Brady loves football so much that he'd divorce Gisele for another shot at a Super Bowl lmao

  17. Solid points day for Trackhouse. If Ross and Daniel get some stage points next week they’re in a great spot to both advance, and Trackhouse has brought good cars to pretty much all the RCs this year

  18. The real Punt God has made his presence known

  19. Boutta lose my fantasy game because the Bills pulled Josh

  20. It would be different. The 18 isn't racing the 12, he's racing the 8/99. With the 45 and 23 out there along with the 12 that's 3 points, if its just the 12 that would be 1 point

  21. Damn. Bonehead comment by me. Looks like TRD is indeed sabotaging

  22. Give me a Keselowski win or give me death

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