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  1. You realize that was during the Bronze Age right? Is that what you’re advocating for? You want Bronze Age medical procedures too? Bronze Age education?

  2. Didn’t come across that way, sounds like you’re defending it in this context.

  3. Because BP is a right-wing program that so happens to have Krystal Ball on it for the occasional good progressive/lefty segment…

  4. 100 percent, and you can tell too by looking at any of the comments on a BP video. Saagar has the most insane takes. He spouts fake populism and fascistic ideas with pretty much no push back from krystal.

  5. Just stop drinking any kind of milk. What do you need milk for? Cereal is for kids

  6. The lazy man works twice as hard - old proverb

  7. I say that if you’re always cleaning you’ll never have to clean

  8. Reminds me of the scene in game of thrones when the Dothraki road into the darkness against the white walkers

  9. It's wild how the dude played a joke prank, she resorted to physical violence, yet you think she should be the one keeping an eye on red flags.

  10. I love how the same people who say men these days are too soy and aren’t real men are the same ones who complain about a girl slapping a dude for humiliating her in public.

  11. I’m tired of seeing this crybaby bitch

  12. I really wanna know how little finger ended up with this dagger

  13. Well he won it from Tyrion, where Tyrion got it from is a mystery, we’ll find out in this show, perhaps the dagger will end up with the Lannisters at some point, explains how Tyrion would have it.

  14. I thought that was a lie though to make it look like Tyrion wanted to kill Bran

  15. Listen I get modern capitalist farming practices are fucking terrible but equating to the holocaust?

  16. The only way it’s not comparable is if you think animals aren’t important/have no feelings. It is absolutely comparable to the holocaust and saying so doesn’t take away any meaning from the victims of it.

  17. So you’re saying the whole assembly needs to be replaced? Is it expensive? This just happened today while I was on a job I’m not able to take it to the shop til Monday

  18. Pop the top of the jack off. See if it's just the roll pin or a cap screw atop the jack shaft. If the gearing turns the top of the jackshaft and the jack is still free floating, you'll have to remove the jack from the trailer to get the part out.

  19. Dude I appreciate your advice, ima do this in the morning when I head to the yard. Thank you

  20. A police repot, FMCSA safety report, and me contacting the company will be done tomorrow. Busy with midterms. 😅

  21. I mean, it’s your job to merge in this situation. Although he certainly wasn’t courteous and slowing down, it’s up to you to safely merge. Also you could cut out the first 45 seconds of this clip.

  22. So I run a flat bed not used to these, what’s the weight rating on these bars?

  23. Yea but you gotta understand that being a girl you’re constantly having dudes mack on you. Multiple times a day, a lot of us have no idea what that’s like. So a lot of times they’re just making it known up front, they don’t want any of that. Can’t say I blame them.

  24. You’re officially a truck driver now! Lol

  25. Yep. The farthest back outer tire disintegrated when it blew, but caused the inner back one to blow, and the tire in front of it lost all its air in the process too.

  26. “We can find common ground with liberals as long as they hate the minorities we also hate”

  27. Sure are, perhaps you’ve never heard the tale of Benjamin Harrison?

  28. Great album, but I’ve always slightly preferred aquemini personally

  29. Same, Da Art of Storytellin’… perfect

  30. Well European countries did actually first colonize Africa before the America’s ! The first step was the colonization of the Canary Islands starting in 1402 and not finalizing until the end of the century. And then there is the Portuguese conquest of Ceuta in 1415.

  31. Awesome reply, thank you for the insight

  32. I’m gunna guess no one knows because I posted this same question a couple of days ago with no answer

  33. This shit needs to stop. I don’t care if it’s meant to be “funny”. I drive by wrecks everyday on 75 bc of this thinking. The left lane is for passing. If the speed limit is 75, then it’s fucking 75. Go 5 over to pass and get out of the way, sure. But people trying to justify going 80 plus need to have their licenses revoked.

  34. You need your license revoked for going 6 mph over the speed limit? Really?

  35. Funny thing is if you get ticketed enough for doing 6 over, you will have your license revoked. So yeah.

  36. You are picking sides. You support helping Ukraine fight a war, which is why you brought it up.

  37. I dont support war... I support myself. I dont need to join groups in efforts to seek emotional love and acceptance. Those who do are weakened from their virtue.

  38. No one is patting me on the back for opposing a nuclear power killing civilians and invading a sovereign nation. If that’s what it takes for you to have empathy for innocent people (social acceptance) than it’s you who are broken.

  39. Okay, just from the context of this video alone I don’t see how he was specifically targeted for his race. This is not to say what the robber did was disgusting and vile, or that Asian hate doesn’t exist (because it certainly does). Just help me understand how it was a racial thing and not just a robbery?

  40. They get given an egg at birth. Some of those eggs hatch and some don’t. Aemond’s didn’t

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