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  1. My live viewer list would say 1k viewers... but points are added to 1.4k viewers.. ill get a screenshot for u once i stream next

  2. i want like to create my own server and wanna know what to do to have a good one

  3. Is that Syztmz the Korean slot streamer who is now vacationing in Canada! Dude is crazy with the amount of giveaways that he does and you don't even have to be a gambler to join

  4. From the website you can highlight the pending redemptions and copy / paste that into Excel.

  5. I have like 2k+ rememptions ... That's what I'm doing currently

  6. 50c per 1k wagered. Plus a small base amount

  7. Any idea on what the % amount is, or is this a Stake trade secret? 🤣

  8. Weekly is 0.1% of total wagered thoughout the vip levels.

  9. It's roughly 0.05% of total wagered + a small vip base. Basically 50c per 1k wagered. Monthly and weekly don't care about losses or wins. It's 100% wager based

  10. U will still get reloads and weekly and monthly.... Just significantly lower amounts is my understanding

  11. Thanks for the answer. Is there any minimum withdrawal amount too?

  12. different currencies have different min withdrawals.

  13. ETH is a scam with those transfer fees. thats a whole ass meal at Macdonalds lmao

  14. Those are the min withdrawals not transfer fee

  15. I got more for recent play bonuses on silver and gold then I did for plat 1 and 2 and I bet astronomically more lol makes no sense

  16. Recent game play basically means losses.. not wagered... If you got no gameplay means u are in profit overall from plat 1 to plat 2.

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