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  1. And remember, Dave saying this is fine since he’s gay

  2. Ah yes, the film where she starred as the half-Hawaiian half-Asian lead...

  3. Still not as bad as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan or Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  4. He's not mocking the homeless, he's mocking the morons who try to sell LA/Hollywood as a paradise of equality and progressiveness.

  5. You’re telling us to grow up but the not the man driving around homeless encampments singing showtimes?

  6. Dude's got one 'joke' here: "Hollywood, da da da da da da da..." Is he permanently drunk?

  7. You can see why Dave failed as a comedian.

  8. How dare you accuse Dave Rubin of treating women like inanimate objects? He treats them more like objects that can move around and occasionally speak.

  9. I’ll never forget when Dave offered to “bang a chick” to prove he’s not a grifter.

  10. Imagine a crossover between Braindead and Evil Dead. I could picture Ash Williams tearing his way through all those zombies.

  11. Don’t get clever old man! Now take us to Dress Barn!

  12. Dave goes nuclear over the slightest inconveniences.

  13. I didn’t realize they had a falling out. Captain Fishstick and the Felon seem so in tune with each other.

  14. Something about Tucker suppressing Dinesh’s new documentary about voter fraud or something like that.

  15. What a piece of shit. He probably thinks it's OK because "it's your own fault if your homeless, since there's so much help out there" as conservatives like to say.

  16. “They need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps…”

  17. I wonder what Dave Rubins high IQ intellectual dark web solution to the homeless crisis. He seems to talk about it alot, and considering how intelligent he is, he's bound to have a great solution. It definitely isn't a cheap gotcha against the people he doesn't like, Dave's far to honest for that.

  18. “Why don’t we just take the homeless people and push them somewhere else?” - Dave Rubin

  19. This from the guy who lost his mind when his book got bad reviews.

  20. Didn’t Dave say people giving his book reviews was “digital book burning?”

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