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  1. so cranking exposure in lightroom is what causes it?

  2. Yeah color banding happens when you push a photo to far

  3. I see, i wasnt sure what it was called thank you

  4. I am looking for $200 shipped per set with tracking. I am willing to split the pcs for $150 per set of PCs.

  5. You have no idea how much I laughed seeing this live. Thank you!

  6. Im glad i got to be a part of making others smile :)

  7. One of the highlights of every Europe tour so far. I guess we won't be able to see this during the Paris concert then.

  8. Unfortunately not :( im gonna post on weverse apologizing to sua for not being there 😭😭😭

  9. Dami is so thoughtful and brave stepping in front of the speakers so they don't block the view. Nice!

  10. Then she proceeds to try and murder the crowd

  11. I’m happy you shared this! On my level we couldn’t see the floor, many thanks but also damn you for killing us 😵

  12. It was right in front of me i did my best to get my camera up to see it haha for my eyes it was blocked by the speakers

  13. Unfortunately stuff that gets taken on stage besides phones doesnt usually get returned

  14. You seem like you dont like bone in chicken wings

  15. Saw someone else post theres, heres my playlist for the full boston concert

  16. Hey what a coincidence me too

  17. Her reaction and the sign on twitter! I couldnt put more than one vid in the post or I would have

  18. Bin with cash and local pickup

  19. 24-70GM or GMIi will be your workhorse. I use it everyday. Headshots I use 85mm or 70-200gmii. There's a steal of a lens on a 100-400 right now! Go get it! Then I use 20mmf1.8 as my everyday video content.

  20. Anyone have experience with acer uhs ii cards? They seem very cheap for v90 wondering how they compare

  21. Welcome to mazdas and their wonderful OEM brakes! The gen 3 is notorious for OEM brakes warping rotors, usually before the car has 25k on the odo. My rotors warped at 18k, stealership changed the set as "courtesy" and they warped again at around 30k at which point i switched to powerstops and havent had any issues since. Check the mazda6club forum and you'll see several threads on the same topic.

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