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  1. Too far. You probably just need to bump up the timing by rotating the distributor, not carb adjustment. But if you do.

  2. You losen the clamp down bolt and rotate the entire distributor. Clockwise for advance. Only slightly rotate the distributor at a time, and I do mean slightly. If it's not enough you'll go again. This should be why it won't run on it's own. Once it runs on it's own, you should buy or rent a timing light from the parts store and set it correctly.

  3. The car used to run before I had to replace the carburetor so I don't think it was the distributor

  4. Doesn't seem like the pilot made it out before the crash

  5. In that situation it would have been fair to start shooting if you getting jumped

  6. Nah the thing I don't like is the understeer it going in to the chicanes going into waltkins and the long turn after the the chicane it just rolls off the track its beautiful but understeers

  7. Remove all the rear downforce and it won't understeer!

  8. The last time a girl gave me a compliment she told me calm down it's not that serious. I don't expect anything good to happen in my life

  9. The ps5 is laying down and how long did it take to get 100

  10. Possibly a marred mating face on the fitting, possibly cracked. Inspect the components individually and look for gouges or cracks or any kind of deformation where they meet

  11. I took the 1inch bolt off around 5 times and it stripped the inside and now it just keeps spinning without a tight, even before I stripepd it a little it was a new refurbished carburetor but I'll double check try and it turn it over tonight again to re find the leak to be sure

  12. Tired of violence in our neighborhood. I’ll be so happy when the black community gets past killing each other off

  13. At first I thought 'no fucking way he takes four bowls in one breathe' but still back to back. Mike Tyson to ya lungs

  14. I love how in America we have to wait till we're 21 to drink alcohol but can be 18 and buy a weapon used in war

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