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  1. Router table with downcut bit and custom jig, and hand sanding!

  2. Beautiful! I’m guessing the two wood types are to represent each of you?

  3. Absolutely! Hard to source the Acacia wood, but worth it.

  4. There is. It's in the options menu for each hole called Scorecard notes. But this is only per round and does not save from round to round.

  5. Yeah that is useful as well for sure, but not for keeping running notes to reference each time you go out

  6. As a couple others have said, we primarily use dowels to take shear load, rather than loading threaded bolts or screws in shear. Helps save weight to not have to oversize a fastener to take shear load that it is not designed for.

  7. I can say: Welcome to Canada! 😅 Anyway, contact support, they'll fix it.

  8. Thanks neighbor! Yes I did, waiting on a response...

  9. I had my RPLND surgery a year ago now, and am also in the military. TC is a "disqualifying condition", so that means he will have to go through a waiver process once treatment is complete and prognosis looks good. For me that is still ongoing.... during that time, he will not be in a deployable status, and the waiver will determine if he can stay in (likely yes) and any duty or deployment restrictions going forward. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about the process!

  10. One of the first time's on my new rower. Recovering from major abdominal surgery, but I feel like my back is wearing out extremely quickly, and don't feel the "burn" in my legs. I am very much inflexible, but working on it. Any tips on my form would be greatly appreciated! Primarily would like to use rowing to improve cardio and also to lose weight gained from inactivity. Thanks in advance!

  11. Imo never stop a disc in high level tournament play. If it comes to rest jn the water you can get it back. But IMO only after it comes to rest and preferably with others to witness. Don’t need to get kicked out over technicalities

  12. Good point! Yes, I'd for sure do it in any local tournament, and hope someone would do it for me. But pro tournaments are a whole different level for sure.

  13. Definitely. I’d never touch a pros disc until it was flying straight at me and headed toward the OB behind me. Even then I’d probably duck unless it’s Jerm’s

  14. I do have a BT soft burst harp, and I've never seen a disc warp or taco more than this one after just a couple rounds. Didn't even have any solid tree hits. I still throw it, but it hardly even looks like a disc anymore....

  15. Looks like a bird in a Dr. Seuss/Tim Burton mashup movie to me... couldn't love it more!

  16. I've had mine in Franklin County since July of last year. It's been great! Average download of 150mbs+ these days. Only have had a few noticeable outages, but nothing over a few minutes other than the one big outage everyone experienced.

  17. Finally back up in Vermont at around 10:53am EST. Now to run to my 2nd of 3 scheduled Zoom interviews...

  18. Where in VT? Mine is still down, in Franklin County.

  19. Also seeking any other wifi thermostat recommendations compatable with this wiring configuration

  20. Started playing a couple months before being diagnosed with testicular cancer. Playing disc golf helped more than anything (other than my incredible girlfriend and family) to cope through 2 major surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo, and other side effects of treatment. I was able to adapt my play depending on how I was feeling that day, and focus on my game, rather than letting my mind wander to everything else going on. Truly amazing game, and community. I'm blessed to be doing much better now, and continue to play as much as possible!

  21. Look on pdga for tournaments played at the course, and check the round ratings against your scores.

  22. This is the first tournament at the course, as it just put in the back 9 earlier this year

  23. How far do you throw and how accurate is your putting? Pdga has a guide somewhere on how to pick you division based on those.

  24. Haven't measured exactly but I can probably throw 400' max or so. I can hit 300' pretty consistently with a mid-range. I am probably 60-70% from C1. I'll check out the PDGA guide thanks!

  25. Flat $99 in VT as well, and we try to tax everything....

  26. Vinegar, salt, water and a little bit of dawn. Fuck glyphosate.

  27. I like the sound of that. Do you have an approximate recipe? Though with that mix, I can't imagine you could mess it up too bad.

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