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A few months ago I was having a particularly rough day and was thinking about Bob Saget and Norm Macdonald's passings. I bought a Cameo from Gilbert and asked if he would share some stories. Originally, I didn't plan to share the video.. but I'm hoping it will make someone's day a little better. RIP

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  1. In before the inevitable ”but what if it’s a medical emergency!!!!!!!” comments

  2. “What if his wife was dying?!” Driving into oncoming traffic will guarantee that outcome

  3. Damn was really hoping Hamilton just announced a run at IU auditorium

  4. Had problems with this where I went to uni and a kid was hit and killed because he was hearing headphones walking with his back to the oncoming train. Authorities were picking up pieces for months…

  5. When’s the last time there was a standup show in Assembly Hall?

  6. Seems like the majority of his tour is being held in arenas rather than performing arts halls

  7. Feel this. I ironically got a red “make orwell history again” hat in australia. People avoiding me when i was walking my puppers!

  8. Here in Indiana we had a surplus for the budget last year, so by law $545 million is getting returned to tax payers at up to $125 each. It'll sure come in handy when I have to spend $400 on new tires from the shit roads.

  9. My dad is going to be an assistant on the trip, so travel is not an issue. It will come privately in his car. The main issue I am worried about is the storage and heat.

  10. Cheap. No one will be able to tell the quality difference at an outdoor concert.

  11. It’s actually an indoor clinic with professional recording. That’s why I was more inclined to bring the nice bass.

  12. 70 degrees and overcast outside easily gets up to 100 in a car. I’d still opt for the cheap bass, in the overall mix of the ensemble it wouldn’t stand out anyway


  14. Do you have to do any arco? Cello would be best for practicing bowing

  15. I don't think there's a whole lot of bowing in the show. It's mostly plucked as far as I know. I'm getting the sheet music tomorrow. We just found out the guy that was supposed to do it won't be able to do it less than a week ago so I don't know a whole lot about the show yet.

  16. In that case i’d practice some 1 octave pizz scales and arpeggios on cello. You could even tune the strings to 4ths but it’ll get you used to the setup which is different than holding an electric bass.

  17. Where are you? The orchestras in your area could be easier pinpointed by location

  18. Rather generous use of the word “house”, that’s a shed with wall partitions.

  19. Homes come in all shapes and sizes.

  20. I refuse to read the Independent after they let Trent Crimm go

  21. Time to give it up, it’s not 2005 anymore. No one is spending $2000 on a gps package that they have to pay to update.

  22. When I got my Rav4 in 2018 the car salesman was going on and on about the built in GPS and how he'd show me how to set it up and I'm just thinking dude, I'm not a boomer I use my phone like everyone else under 50.

  23. 18+ years i’d say because the incredibles score is a banger

  24. Bass Violin shop in Greensboro, NC is probably the closest to you with a good selection. Violin Shop in Tampa, FL also stocks some student model instruments.

  25. Yes Ben Franklin did, but I don’t 😉

  26. Ah that guy's still doing his thing. He's been at it for years now:

  27. People watch it because they're stuck in an airport and thats where the beer is.

  28. Fun fact: until 2021 airports had their own version of CNN which edited out coverage of plane crashes and graphic violence/sex stories

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