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  1. Well, it is a fun way to think about my kid...that "I made it"....Haha.

  2. I am responsible for my well being- I cannot enlave others to give me my wellbeing, they must care for themselves. I had to learn this in therapies - my slef-resepct must be independent of how continual my S O 1s adoration for me stays. MAybe they have other people on the horizon too. The other thing i learned in therapy that if i do still have mental challenges i should try to n o t enter into a too close relationship. We 8with mental issues9 are super sensitive and it makes the life of the S o simply impossible. if they also have some issues (which is not so rare) this necessitates extreme caution. there exist free therapy groups (online too) like

  3. Dreams reefer to early childhood losses...We lose the breast...nipple...and also we are forced to "lose" our shit...also we imagine that our penis can be lost as obviously women do not have it. So all these losses arre symbolized here by your losing - cut off - you arm.

  4. With therapy it was slowly possible to learn for me to not want to act out all our maniac fantasies.

  5. My experience shows that when i went to self help groups and therapies i found ways to first diminish and later stop this and other addictions. (We all do have pain and loss, but not all of us reacts with craving extra joy. but yes, that is the main cause of it - except this demaand of love is insatiable so no extra joy is enough.) I was helped a lot by non-sexual touch therapy "reparenting" sessions, but I think it was individual, as I was in an orphanage at the start.

  6. i am circumcised ad so i feel clean even if i do touch that part.

  7. In my family there is a tradition of a generation being 25 years (it is quoted in

  8. Yeam. Or Yehoha, or Yehowa, or Yahoa... Your guess is as good as mine since we don't have the original niqqud or a spoken tradition, and there's nothing to say they said it the same way everywhere.

  9. Well, it is the active future tense of the verb Lehavot (=to make become) and that is "yehaweh." (In present when something "is made becoming or created) it is mehaweh.

  10. I used the "dry orgasm" or "Taoist/Tantrist sex" with "acupressure" (because it is done by pressuring at the right place at that tube and stop the flow - which lets the orgasm still happen.)

  11. How would you write โ€œbelovedโ€ for a female?

  12. Leviticus 19:28 found on Google).I understand we can chrrypick now our traditions but still it may be not really the best way to express a craving or crush.

  13. Sorry it was a misundertsnading, someone mentioned it was probably for a tattoo

  14. Hm. Stray cats get cat-AIDS and cat-Leukemia, which is not always at once visible - it cannot jump over to humans but still, it makes their life short, but people do not know about this.

  15. In my perspective it was not so much the Muslim Brotherhood in thee 40s 50 60s and 70s but the Soviets (=Rusians) who sponsored the Palestinians (even the name was given by them). It is simply the animosity against the succes of the Us and democracy - they want to hurt and harm that is all. It is possible to know that Arabs do have all the rights in Israel (now they are even in the government) and it is possible to know even from a Wikipedia article on irael, how rich jws have simply bought for money the fieelds of the original owners - mostly marshlands. it is also known how Muslim countries 8with some exceptions) have harassed Jews everywhere to chase them away after israel was created by a majority vote in the UN.

  16. Well it has a huge litterature how Freud's theories are proven by fMRI reserach. look up paul verheaghe 2On Being normal and Other Disorders" the II. Part. it has many notes on this. It is not a question of "personal opinion" or "how I feel about it" (like vaccines...) it is just simply p r o v e n how infants and parents communicate - it can be seen and documented on a neuronal level.

  17. I was an addict for decadess with mind fog etc...But then i dicovered

  18. Different for each of us. Changing always. Word cannot grasp it. Dumb question sorry

  19. I read it that Warren Beatty and Shirley McLane are siblings.

  20. Hunger exit only around carbs /as it is a withdrawal of serotonie symptom that does not exist with meat and fat. / So I am on keto and I am never hungray i eat because I know I need a specific amount of fat and protein so i do eat.

  21. So then the question is, does Hod have the same root as the verb Lehodot (yud-dalet-hey)?

  22. Yes. And in present time it gets a M prefix, (modeh) yes. and yes it means both gratitude and confessing. BTW it is also in the name Yehudah /Judas in Latin/ (or yehudi - 'slangified' into "Jew") EDIT plus I think Ya is not translated as God- it is part of the godname Eternal (Yehaweh YHWH which has a vocabulary translation as Becoming /lehavvot/. So it is better to translate it as Eternal Gratitude or Thankfully forever or For Eternity etc). the Hebrew godname is more solidly fixated to this Timeless creativity (a signified ) than the non-Jewish (pagan) expression of a "god" - and empty signifier. Never mind.

  23. "The Hebrew name for Judah, Yehuda (ื™ื”ื•ื“ื”), literally "thanksgiving" or "praise," is the noun form of the root Y-D-H (ื™ื“ื”), "to thank" or "to praise."[3] His birth is recorded at Gen. 29:35; upon his birth, Leah exclaims, "This time I will praise the LORD/YHWH," with the Hebrew word for "I will praise," odeh (ืื•ื“ื”) sharing the same root as YehudaIt is interesting. The Torah in 1Moses The Hebrew name for Judah, Yehuda (ื™ื”ื•ื“ื”), literally "thanksgiving" or "praise," is the noun form of the root Y-D-H (ื™ื“ื”), "to thank" or "to praise."[3] (Wikipedia, Jehudah, etmology)

  24. Hm. We are all sometimes good sometimes less so. We are average - in every generation. And then there are statistics- just because "boomers" are more numeroouss, there will be more negative interaction with them. (Now it is partly "ageism", we all feel ambivalent about old people, even old people themselves). It is bit like "anti-Muslim" feelings - the statistical proportion of extremists (who are really dangerous) arre the same 20% as in any other group,in other ethnicities. But because they are 1 billion people of course that 20 % is a huge amount and is frightening. I think we cannot top generalized criticism - including racism - it is just a thing we must accept and there exist practical defense tools (like more cameras on the streets etc).

  25. Interesting. Do not stop, it is better than average

  26. When i was younger , in the 70s and 80s (in my 20s and 30s) I have read that asexuality exists only in freud, but I was treated for bipolaroty with the erotomaniac fantasies, so I did try sex with both guys and gals (because my curiosity was stronger than my revulsion). I experienced a deep emotional need for male closeness without sex (as it was painful) and i experienced emotional distance but comfort in sex with women. (I suppoe it mirrors my ditance or closeness with my father and my mother. Later after decades of first meds than therapies my cravings diminished and have stopped - I did discover my asexual side. I do not think word can capture facts - so i do not expect that "bi" is depictig "me". I think it is okay to change , it is okay to misunderstand myself, it is okay that new words feel is okay to just not know everything about life.

  27. If you need this grl you both need some kind of therapy (maybe it is enough to read about how do herapist see thse kinds of deep animosities we all do have...."undconsciously". despite not "knowing" she did dratmatize the "killing" of your mom. She did not know it but she said "I know your mother would never accept me so I will reeenact her murder by careless driving". of course OP himself must see clearly that maybe it is true...mosst of the times boys can find their partner only if the Mother figure retires (or dies). So it is not a simple moral debate. We are very different. the girl maight have her own mom who she hates - it is not infrquent, they are rivals - and it was not about your departed mother....Also I think OP is right - to risk anyone's life with driving intoxicated (just a bit) is unacceptable. Maybe she stops it for a while but what if triggered by some stress...and what if then alreay she has a baby in the car and she just drinks a sip..Of course this is a fantasy of mine and let us hope it will never happen. But how could I trust someone who thinks it is oky and has no willingness to accept a rational taboo---claiming to risk a killing is a "freedom" (as anti-vaxers also feel sometimes).

  28. I found that non-sexual hugs do help (it can be organized in art or dance clubs or sport too or in mditative groups or reiki ) but I preferred to go to

  29. Seinfeld on NTFLX is also good. the humour is similar sometimes (both like Woody Allen)

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