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  1. Fr Us alpha males only look at make gay porn 😤

  2. You may not like it, but this is what peak Finn Russell looks like

  3. God I hate that win predictor bot - written by a five year old

  4. You could have at least tried to be subtle there Earl!

  5. Bit harsh, I know the ABs top isn't terribly original but it's isn't that bad

  6. Yes and you'll need a banksman in a Hi-Viz jacket to help.

  7. Functions definitely exist where there is no y value other than zero.

  8. I mean surely we've all seen pictures of the 03 trophy lift? That's more than jarring

  9. They look on John Howard's face as he hands over the trophy is one of my great sporting memories - he might not be the Aussie PM who shat himself, but he sure as hell looks like it 😂😂😂

  10. His hands are normally so good, but it's like he's replaced them with a pair of hams this evening

  11. Bristol is fab, if you can find somewhere big enough on your budget

  12. So there's no way to watch any of the games on tonight? It's becoming really hard to be a rugby supporter in England.

  13. Utterly infuriating isn't it. - clubs going under and PR are No we shan't sell the rights to televise our games 🙄

  14. Not checked the URC yet but in the Prem most games were pushing the 80 point mark

  15. And only Edinburgh vs Dragons was a thrashing/blow out!

  16. They look cool, and protect the gopro from rain. Without a visor people might mistake you for a roadie.

  17. Astro is possibly a dab more mathematical, but nothing on Theoretical or Mathematical Physics.

  18. They were available on the Foglios website for ages, but there was an IT issue that broke that, and since Girl Genius makes the money they have to prioritise that.

  19. What the fuck language is that in? My eyeballs are melting just reading it

  20. He’s at Exeter Uni, Cardiff offered him a senior contract but he wisely decided to keep an eye on what he can do after rugby. Can’t blame him or Cardiff, one of those things you can’t change any time soon

  21. He might suffer a career ending injury in his next game - finishing up a qualification for a career is just sensible from the lad.

  22. Deduct points and fine the team for failing to control their players.

  23. I mean that really hurts, but we've had our share of favourable calls on a possible forward pass in the past, so I'm feeling philosophical.

  24. We had chances to kill the game and didn't - leave it to the ref is always a risk

  25. So quins fans. How do we dissect what was going on in that first half? We were all over the place with no clue on direction or tempo and our energy levels were as flat as anything.

  26. I’m thinking that might be the only option. The light emits both up and down though and i’d be sorry to lose the up light by placing something over it. I shooed it away by clapping loudly but it came back overnight. It must be a cosy spot!

  27. Do you leave the light on overnight? It may be nice and warm?

  28. Good question. I don’t leave it on. I tried switching it on while it was sat on top (it’s an uplighter and down lighter) and it wasn’t the slightest bit bothered!

  29. I grew up in South Wales and that was wet af. I live in the South East of England now and I don’t think it’s too be tbh.

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