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  1. I ordered one too! I love the cover, it's perfect.

  2. These meme templates are less fun when you've run away with it.

  3. This is a 100% call the union question. Why would you ask this on Reddit.

  4. I'm not as familiar with the fcp world, but if you edit on media composer 2018 (basically everyone in reality TV) vs media composer 4 it's not a hugely different experience. If you ae on those softwares, it's an insane difference. The major improvements in the last 10 years of media composer have been for aes.

  5. That super fun first post-deadline inning is looking more and more Faustian by the minute, huh?

  6. I honestly feel sorry for the opposing pitching cursed Padre fan base.

  7. I didn't! The rent get so high that you couldn't afford moderating anymore? ;)

  8. I bought a house in Florida but I’m driving back for Blue October.

  9. Look, I fervently hate the Dodgers, and the Padres are clearly their own best rivals, however y'all can be proud af for sweeping that stacked team. You can be less proud about sweeping the giants 8-0 because seriously, if you didn't that would be pretty pathetic. I am very much not looking forward to the next three days against the Pads.

  10. and the older the system, the more critical those habits were. Remember all the shit we used to deal with when sloppy on set people gave us short pre-roll or (gasp) repeating timecode.

  11. I still get a ton of repeating tc now. Some people don't know how to set their Gopro to tod. It's fucking obnoxious.

  12. Yeah most of the memes are pretty rough, but to be fair no other fan bases are even trying to post their memes.

  13. I'm sorry, Giants fans are out trying to organize a parade to eclipse SD to celebrate our 2 game winning streak.

  14. This is why we all need a dash cam. I've been neglecting to replace my old one, that cam saved my butt a couple of times. Frankly, dash cams should be a standard like Tesla on every new car.

  15. I was in a minor fender bender last week, and my tesla auto recorded it perfectly. Sent the file to my insurance company, she said with it there's almost no way the other company can fight it. It was very clear who was at fault. It's probably my top 3 reason for loving my car.

  16. Okay all that nonsense aside, the fact that KNBR misspelled his name a few different times is just sad. Larry Bear?! It makes me think of some pet name his wife calls him. Lare-bear.

  17. Waiting for the last panel, the San Frangeles Dodgaints

  18. I loved filler TV, the kind of show I could just have on in the background and maybe learn something from in the process. Educational ambiance was kind of cool, because every so often something just caught your eye and floored you.

  19. I think you explained why these companies shifted away from the kinds of shows you're talking about. Advertisers won't pay for the eyeballs of someone who has the show on in the background barely paying attention. They need people to be engaged with the content so they can sell them crap. Unfortunately that is how TV gets made.

  20. Oh shit I went here a few times as a kid. I remember it being pretty cool!

  21. Everyone in the thread is making a big song and dance of helping you “win” and “get revenge” or “teach him a lesson.”

  22. I know a few Clippers fans, all locals. I know a ton more Lakers fans, about a 50-50 split.

  23. Delivery drivers don't do that where you are? Usually if someone's not in, their neighbours will accept the package on their behalf.

  24. Literally has never once happened to me. That's bonkers. I would not trust my neighbors, who I generally like, to not open my package.

  25. How surprising. Though come to think of it if I lived in a bad area I wouldn't want my neighbours to get my package either.

  26. Based on some of your phrasing I'm going to guess you're British? You all seem to have a much stronger culture of privacy than us Americans. We're all up in each others' business haha.

  27. As someone who grew up out in the Midwest as an actual poor country kid: Yea, it's gross to see people who can afford cups making drinking out of mason jars fashionable. (Just a random example.) Hick is not a fashion statement. Real "country" folk avoid these behaviors they don't promote them as some kind of lifestyle.

  28. I'm a 43 yo mom who works in an office every day. You're name dropping my playlist.

  29. I am skeptical that a person will actually find a bank to approve them for a $200k house with a $43k salary. When I was trying to buy a house with about $50k salary I could only get approved for $150k. At the time the cheapest houses in the area I wanted to live were $160k and I had to wait until I got a raise before I could get approved. I didn't have 20% for a down payment, so maybe the FHA loan is why the approved amount is lower, idk. This was also almost ten years ago when interest rates were ridiculously low.

  30. You might have also had a higher DTI than they liked. If you had 0 debt with a $50k salary, a $200k house should be fine. But if you had a car payment and CC debt, student loans, anything like that you'd be in a trickier place.

  31. The headline literally said no players were untouchable. I'm going to assume we made a proposal with Webb, or if not the Nats countered with him. So he was probably included, but our prospects aren't good enough yet.

  32. How about I want to see the team win? Team has been failing since 2015. We are near a 10 year championship drought. Farhan spend the damn money I don’t give a damn if ownership doesn’t like it. They can hit the road

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