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  1. I don't have a furnace but I used a torch to melt all my fishing weights into an ingot. I also made some silver coins with the jewelry I didn't like.

  2. I'm curious about what other things you found in 100+ year old trash?

  3. Radiator, paint cans, leather from a shoe, tons of broken pottery and glass, a stove burner thing, other large pieces of iron. I tried to use my pinpointer but there are too many nails.

  4. are those chisel holders just hanging from a single cleat? Any concern about grabbing a chisel too quickly and pulling all the chisels off the cleat? I had a similar setup with my chisel holders just hanging on two hooks and had to fix it to make it more secure.

  5. Right now it requires two hands to use, but I'm planning on making a better one.

  6. Wow! There has gotta be some older silver there once you get all those wheaties out of the way.

  7. Unfortunately yesterday was my last day in the area, although I did go over the yard very carefully twice digging everything above 70. I wouldn't be surprised if a seated coin turns up next time though. Thanks!

  8. Awesome if you post a pic of the wheat cents tell me

  9. They're pictured on the right, most are in bad condition but if you want more pictures let me know.

  10. My aunt and uncle's back yard, the house was built in the 1700s, it's in New York.

  11. In the backyard next to an old well, it was only a few inches (4?) deep.

  12. I found that same pendant! Didn't know it was plated at one point. It was my only find far into the forest where not much was dropped.

  13. The harbor freight mini lathe is works great for the price.

  14. Great find. What box are you swinging?

  15. Yeah, happened to me. Get a new one that is not cast iron.

  16. I found an object just like yours on the bottom left, no idea what it is.

  17. That's the bolt from a mortise or rim lock! We still have a bunch of functioning rim locks inside the house with similar parts. If yours is the same thing it will probably be brass (not iron and not magnetic).

  18. No, I dug it out lying horizontally a few inches down, then stuck it in the ground to take a cool photo. And yeah it's probably some sort of replica not old.

  19. Tips on how to ground balance to zero?

  20. When you are on a highly mineralized area like wet sand, go to ground balance and hold down the bottom left button. Pump the detector up and down a few times. It should automatically go to something low like 1.3. You can then manually decrease it to 0 with the down button. Hope this helps :)

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