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  1. I prefered it when they had the trees painted on it

  2. So then it follows that solving poverty would go a long way toward solving crime, right? Are you in favor then of policies like UBI and providing free housing to the unhoused? Purely for crime reduction purposes

  3. Redditor: Hey there's an obviously unstable and aggressive person in my immediate vicinity who is becoming quite violent as their outbursts become worse. What should I do?

  4. Extremely high odds that you're just an insufferable prick who also whines about the Seattle Freeze while being an insufferable prick.

  5. Photo is not mine, found it on OrcaNetwork's facebook page. They do a daily tread for orcas, grays, and humpbacks - you can usually follow along as people post sightings like "orcas off of Edmonds ferry dock, mid-channel, moving north slowly."

  6. After three years of crazy wildfire smoke and 113-degree temperatures, I'm fine with it.

  7. The skyscrapers of Vancouver BC are almost exactly 120 miles from the Columbia Center.

  8. Absolutely the best time of day. No cruise ship tourists. No assholes with strollers. No lines. No wayward motorists. Anyone who goes to Pike Place between 11am and 4pm is a fool.

  9. Cat's ear has been tipped, so probably some good person is TNRing the local colony. No need for them to starve.

  10. Don't trust the DIY solutions, they are both ineffective at lowering the temperature of a space AND they will suffer from the exact same supply chain/buyout/empty shelf problems as actual air conditioners when it gets hot. Yes, ice WILL sell out and little DIY evaporative cooler will change the temperature of the air it shoots at you, but will do almost nothing to cool an entire room.

  11. Your guess is as good as mine lol. This woman basically acted like I was going to die if I went to downtown Seattle on the light rail, so I just wanted to confirm that I’m not endangering my child by riding the lightrail 🤣

  12. 1 - it's an excuse to dehunanize people for the sake of saying something that makes people feel good.

  13. It will be safe. You may see or walk by homeless people as they sometimes camp in the square, and there is a cluster of shelters and missions in the neighborhood.

  14. You have a solution in need of a problem. People on the peninsula, by and large, do not want their community to be more accessible to people in the city.

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