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  1. Yeah....... That's never gonna happen. Expect a knock on your door soon for a little interview as well.....

  2. Why does it just cover western military, and not China and Russia? 🤔

  3. What are these cases? Did these people actually hurt anyone or did they just get profiled and searched? Prosecuting personal use is a counterproductive exercise and one of the best ways there is short of setting money on fire to waste taxpayer dollars

  4. Let's make it easy for you: "profile and search" anyone threatening people on a bus, or standing in front of a firetruck screaming and blocking its path, or ghouling in the middle of 4th Avenue, or bowling large rocks out of planters at the elderly.

  5. Fascinating moment of virtue signaling, do saying Pahto, Klickitat, Wy'east not get you enough clout as Tahoma? Why have two exonyms but insist on one native name? Not as funny as when someone says "Mt. Tahoma," but this is an interesting one.

  6. I realize the dude may be having a fucked up drug feuled mental crisis but...why didnt they just do what the random guy eventually did and shove him out of the way...and possibly give him a ticket or something, even if nothing would come of it? Thats gotta be grossly purposefully block an emergency vehicle.

  7. Stop equating people getting so high that they completely lose control with "mental health crisis."

  8. I was on 1st tonight at 9pm heading north, these guys were headed south, doing wheelies in the center and oncoming lanes, in the dark.

  9. He does not align with their beliefs. Right wingers align with right wing talking heads who are beholden to Russian money.

  10. The last time this was brought up, I believe local redditor derrickito stated that he considered getting one ticket every five years for something that made his daily life easier a "use fee"

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