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  1. Imagine being so insecure that you need to judge people over how soon after landing they choose to stand up.

  2. Without people like you, how would I figure out I’m so damn insecure. Thank you so much!! I’m judging the ones trying to crawl over me. The ones pushing through. If ya have an aisle seat and want to stand, go for it.

  3. Did you ever consider that the person may be in pain from the seats? Standing up alleviates the pain.

  4. Did you consider this was a shitpost meme. Of course people have their personal issues. They aren’t the subject of this. They know who they are. Take a chill pill

  5. Is it just me or are people on here making a mountain out of a molehill about OP not reporting it and/or Delta not having already repaired. Geez people lighten up.

  6. Would you rather they take the plane completely out of service while they wait 8-10 weeks for the seat supplier to fill the order? I’m sure that will help keep fares down and flights on time.

  7. Boarded in Denver for Atlanta at 5am MT. As we finished boarding pilot told us what was going on and that we needed to unload the plane. Thankfully we were only back in the terminal for 30th minutes before boarding. Took off at 7am MT

  8. Everyone here wants their class privilege upheld and guess what? That makes you closer to the annoying end of the spectrum of all of humanity. Like truly who cares?

  9. It’s not about feeling entitled. It’s organization and following a simple set of guidelines to be efficient in the boarding process. Trying to get a plane loaded with 150 people orderly and without it tipping backwards in the process. Doesn’t matter if I’m in FC or row 40. Going to get on when I’m instructed to.

  10. Have you ever been to Europe? The lines are sky priority and everyone else. Both lines are the same length and nobody enforces the boarding zones within them

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