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  1. I think the Bretonnian Longsword is the most fun and versatile weapon in the game. Unfortunately, I never use it anymore for good reason.

  2. It's either a random murder or El Cuco did it on his way to Tennessee. Take your pick. Either way it is just a story device to give the DA a reason to reopen the case and exonerate Terry Maitland.

  3. Just didn’t quite click for me, it needed to either be a bigger moment implying more Cuco’s or have any thread to our main Cuco. In a show all about the anxiety of anticipating the next heinous child murder, to then use one as a throwaway plot device just feels beneath the rest of the shows’ writing.

  4. Ok so I read the book (I didn't watch the show wasn't a fan), but if I remember correctly the monster feeds off of misery and stuff like that, so it did it on its way to it's new target. It's been a while since I read the book, but that's why I remember. It committed the crime while it was shifting if I remember. Again it's been a while since I read the book

  5. Neil Young when building his SF house had hired pilots to locate 3 train carloads of redwood trees used by railroad for lumber sloughs and bridging. These carloads were lost in the Sierra mountains after the gold rush. Maps they used have wide search areas. After quite some time they were found. Redwood Timbers illegal today bc of size. 2’ to 4’ in thickness and up to 60’ in length. Neil paid to helicopter to his house where they were incorporated into his main double staircase and used as ceiling Timbers. At the time he had bought Lionel train and saved the company. His son being autistic liked trains. He paid for a room to be a replica of the Pacific railroad by artist with mountains, caves, and ravines. The train tracks were an immensely detailed scenic display that his son found great pleasure in. A friend of mine I worked with for 20 years in Palm Desert Ca was from the Bay Area and worked on Neil’s house. He had other things incorporated as well like 2 towers and at the top was a kaleidoscope room where the windows had cut lenses. I always imagined how great a fathers love must be to go to such dedication for his sons disability

  6. She definitely can afford it with her new job

  7. I’m looking for a 2023 (and willing to wait for 2024) truck that has style and utility. I will be both commuting 20 mins (twice a day) and hauling some basic lumber and supplies on the weekends (think enough to build a small shed).

  8. Either, they both give me my 20% damage boost with a truly deadly weapon.

  9. Yes, I’m fat my best friend, the Executioners Sword 🗡️

  10. All hail the great banana in the sky. May it’s potassium tears cleanse our sins.

  11. Walking dead really lost what little it had left once Rick left.

  12. Proof that you’re not ugly, you’re just poor.

  13. I got a Ramalandi’s at like para 30 and used it on my weapon like a dummy cause I didn’t read about the altar…

  14. I’m certain as others have said you just need to keep your 4x elemental bonus up. It will appear as a buff in the bottom left above your skill bar.

  15. Fuggin true. I work in video and sometimes there are more agency people than crew members on set. They just love their little circle jerk.

  16. They’re some of the fakest people I’ve ever met.

  17. Gave devs still make games for their main demographic while putting juuust enough diversity in their game to avoid being labeled as regressive.

  18. Wow, as a DM these scream “THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.”

  19. I don’t know, but once when I was undergoing surgery, as the doc was injecting the anesthesia, he looks me dead in the eye and says, “don’t worry, I just watched a YouTube video on how to do this.”

  20. It was laughably bad, the shittiest movie of the year by far.

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