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  1. No disrespect to Lauren Ambrose, but Laura Benanti taking over Eliza Doolittle was meant to be.

  2. Cardinals have Nootbaar. That's worth at least twenty five runs, right?

  3. Brian, it's 7 o'clock and you've still got your Js on. What's the occasion?

  4. Wouldn't it be funny if they just said "Fuck you" all the time?

  5. I love that Kiermaier's first thought after the play was "OK, how bad was that?"

  6. me arguing that the finale version is actually about Lucille and all the people fighting for the future of Georgia rather than the past

  7. I'd love to see Houston or Toronto get a group, then they move to Phoenix and Miami for the semis.

  8. The Crawford Boxes in the WBC would be downright hilarious.

  9. I do worry that Broadway has this "stripped down equals edgy" streak going right now, but the samples this article cites are either concert series transfers or shows where a rehearsal setting is used because the plot is about performers, sooooo...

  10. Creighton in red is lowkey pretty fucking awesome.

  11. I love it, but it's also the most high school looking logo in this set.

  12. Shohei waited his whole life to throw that pitch and he delivered.

  13. Semifinals and finals in different cities than the group. Miami and Phoenix are great for the early rounds because of the proximity to spring training, but once the field narrows, put games in new stadiums. Minute Maid, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park, you name it.

  14. not sure Ohtani's Instagram follower count is a valid metric to determine how successful the WBC has been for MLB as a whole.

  15. It's a lagging indicator, but an indicator nonetheless.

  16. Imagine thinking you're tougher than the sun? The fucking sun?

  17. literally the greatest big game player I've ever seen

  18. He'd put up Mickey Mantle stats if the top seed still went straight to the World Series.

  19. Where were you when Randy Arozarena became the GOAT?

  20. Unreal food matchup right here.

  21. But imagine the combinations. Noodles in your Cuban, sake in your cafe con leche...on second thought, don't imagine the combinations.

  22. Just for that, he's going one-on-one...with the Undertaker.

  23. The format of this tournament sucked, Group D was completely stacked while group A was mediocre at best. One of Venezuela/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic should have been in group A.

  24. If they use the same criteria the next time around, they'll put Mexico and the United States in different groups in 2027. Cuba would also be in its own group, so you could theoretically split Puerto Rico, the Dominican, and Venezuela between those three.

  25. That's where I think Taiwan having to re-qualify helps Mexico and Canada. With only two Asian teams (plus Australia) locked in as of now, the WBC could get away with scheduling just one group in Asia and adding a third group in the Americas.

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