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  1. Ironically, you could practically take any image, turn it black and white. Add a layer of folds and crap on top. Slowly remove the layer and end up with The exact same result.

  2. Well, I saw quite a lot of things like that on Fiverr when people just slapped an overlay on a photo without damage, and then passed the original as restored photo:)

  3. Here is my attempt, hope this works, cropped for 10x8 print -

  4. This one is great, keep it up 😉

  5. These are all so good, but Number 5 just got me in the heart. It’s so good.

  6. Here's a quick one, hope it helps -

  7. Wow - absolutely amazing! Your proverbial check is in the mail, sir! Slava Ukraini!

  8. Received, thank you 😄 Glory to the Heroes! :)

  9. No prob:) Updated the files in the folder:)

  10. This looks like Jon mess from dance Gavin dance LOL ETA: I'm very impressed and your work is impeccable. I love DGD and am going to try to show Jon this on social media

  11. Not much can be done in this case since the original is very blurry, but here's something, hope this helps-

  12. Any background on who the guy is in photo #1? Amazing work!!

  13. Thanks:) Absolutely have no clue, to be honest, it was a client from Upwork, he had given no info about the photo:)

  14. Hey dude. Are you still taking commissions for photo restoration?

  15. Are there any particular lessons or YouTube channels you recommend? I regularly digitize photos and I'd really like to pick up some estoration skills.

  16. Sure, you can check JBColourisation channel (I guess links are not allowed here), just type “photoshop restoration tutorial” and that will be the first video:)

  17. This is insanely good 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 how the hell is this done!?!? I just got photoshop and can’t figure it out for the life of me, do you have tutorials?

  18. Thanks:) I don’t have tutorials, but there are plenty on YT, this one for example -

  19. Absolutely fantastic restoration! I am not OP but can you possibly fix his right eyebrow? That is the only thing that sticks out as needing to be restored.

  20. Yup, thanks for pointing that out, I also noticed that issue and was in the middle of the fixing process:) Fixed now, I redrew both of the brows and blended them in:)

  21. Hm, interesting, I replaced the link but it shows the previous edit, lol. It's second time this happens to me:) Tried to delete & replace the link completely, should work this time:)

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