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  1. 10 questions with Johnny Davis

  2. We’re gonna be dog shit for the next 5 years, at least. Beal will decline his player option Wednesday, and we’ll resign him leaving us with no money for the next 5 years. He’ll be making 56.4 million as a 33 y/o in that 5th year. Not to mention KP has had injury issues, so we also have to stay hopeful that he remains healthy for the next 3 years and is worthy of his contract because we still owe him a 100 mil. This franchise is in shambles

  3. As much as I want it, I don't think John Wall is coming even if he's bought out. There is a handful of teams in a better position to win that would kick the tires on John Wall with the Mid-level exception. Unless HE wants to be here, obviously.


  5. Simmons easily but agreed you don't want either one of these guys since neither of them actually wants to be here and it would be glaringly obvious.

  6. Great we will have a point guard who had more turnovers than assists in college…

  7. I'd love to know the details behind that. Are the turnovers on passes? Is he being blitzed, double or triple teamed? Were they bad reads? Was it travels? Were fouls related? Were they favored in matchups and not getting calls? Were teams gearing up to stop just him because nobody else was a real threat? Timeline even matters. Were his teammates blowing a good amount of easy layups and finishes a la wall/gort? Did he lose faith in them as time went on or did they get better, if that was the case? Stats alone aren't going to cut it here. We need the details to know what was actually the issue. Maybe I'll ask in the Badgers sub.

  8. Yep, nothing in here. They said something about if the Hawks offered Bogdanovic & Collins and some picks that they'd take that deal. But yeah nothing really in here that isn't the same old stuff we've been talking about for months.

  9. Saw this earlier. Dumb shit + guns, but in the middle of it a great story of the 3 of them (son, 2 mothers) who seem like good people. Humans will always have conflicts of some sort between one another. Adding guns into the mix results in these things.


  11. Some of yall appeared to have missed this.

  12. Great, now I can’t vote for Bates. Some people just have to ruin everything huh?

  13. lol. All I know is I certainly didn't get up this morning expecting the first media I saw to be Sheila Dixon and Mary Miller in an ad for Ivan Bates. I hope he wins though.

  14. Who's breaking the Beal decision news first, Shams or Woj?

  15. Brad is. On his birthday this Tuesday. It's been telegraphed so hard! lol

  16. When has a player ever announced that themselves its usually woj, also free agency doesn't start until the 30th

  17. Yeah I obviously am just guessing based on the info we have gotten over the months. Either way neither dude is breaking any real news when it comes to this.

  18. dunno how I've never heard of this shop. All this stuff looks awesome. Must refrain from spending a grip in there

  19. Missing shoes in the pic are kd 14s, Lebron 15s,18s, Kobe 9,11, zoom bb nxt, pg 5s and Lebron 17 lows.

  20. Man I had such high expectations for Cash, I thought he’d be our first hit in the 2nd round since Sato. The way he played in Michigan State, I thought he’d be a steal. He could run PnR, drive to the basket, shoot. At the very least, he’d be a solid backup… but he hasn’t really showed out either. Especially considering how much we need good PG play rn, I hope he can turn it around with us

  21. At least he really worked on his body and he looks like an nba player now. Mostly. Just hope he can do something to stay in the league. Reminds me of one of my favorite players who could just never catch on. UF's Scottie Wilbekin. He was on the cusp, over and over. Had a chance to hit a game winner in summer league and it just didn't go down. Did so many good things but just never could quite get there. Looks like now he's playing for ~googles~ "Fenerbahce."

  22. Yeah, I think he’ll manage to hang around the league.. I just hope it’s with us lol. It seems like the team loves him, seems like a funny guy in general. Also funny you mention Fenerbahçe, seems like Tommy also invited a guard from Fenerbahçe to our summer league

  23. Wow. And he's also 29 just like Scottie! Man that has to burn. That is a wild coincidence lol. Thanks for the info!

  24. SMH. We've been over this like a dozen times in a dozen posts. No. He literally quit on his team. Oops, did I say team single? I meant teams plural!

  25. That’s not how trading works. He may not have a desire to be here, or dozens of other teams, but if it happens, what’s he gonna do? Mental health break his way to losing out on his entire contract?

  26. I don't think he see's it the same way we do. He see's it as this is my career and I'm not gonna turn down the opportunity to make a quarter of a billion dollars. The whole I wanna be Dirk thing is probably just posturing, not in the sense that he doesn't want to win in DC because I know he does, but I don't think he feels like he owes us or the franchise anything since he's been highly coveted by other teams throughout his career.

  27. "A player who signs a designated veteran contract or extension can't be traded for one year after he is signed."

  28. Ah. Maybe they'll bring back John and "last dance" it.

  29. Domo, that you? I liked him, but to me he seems like a better fit for a more freewheeling team. I think Davis is a good fit for us.

  30. 2040 in Baltimore at the earliest. But I do think the Wizards could use some straight up die hard fans. Like OKC fans were like college fans, even though the team has yet to win a single thing since the inaugural 2008 season. Baltimore would love the Wizards like no other. The Ravens are SO beloved, and the Orioles too, despite the latter being absolute hot buttered ass for years. Far too many people who attend games in DC are fans of the opponent, and it's completely common for the team to basically be playing in a road gym, at home. Some people say "well win and you'll change that". Kinda like saying "You need experience to get this great job. Get this great job so you can have the experience needed."

  31. From the thumbnail I thought it was an Old Bay Coffin. Of course, I wouldn't be that surprised if that too existed.

  32. I imagine the Clippers or Heat would offer him an MLE and .. it would make more sense for him to go there.

  33. What of Reggie Jackson? Wall isn't going to back up Reggie Jackson, who is on the level of Dennis Schroeder, just with a bit more personal success the last couple years. Remember, Reggie Jackson was mad to be behind Russ, so he left and went to the Pistons, and had some really bad moments. Wall isn't gonna go back him up. And Wall has been appearing with Wizards players and clearly staying connected with the team, congratulating Chris Miller, appearing in DC, and he basically said in his post when the trade happened, "this is not goodbye".

  34. lmaoooo, Beal is not a good point guard. The one good aspect he has is being able to draw a double team. He commands those on the regular.

  35. The Wizards need a playmaking guard who isn't 6 foot tall. Somebody who can beat his man off the dribble and also defend his position and stop drives into the paint. And that's straight from the GM/President. It's obvious who needs to go back to their old team.

  36. I don't think he suited up for them. torn acl

  37. I've been on 2 juries in the city and from my experience there doesn't have to be any reason for a deadlock. I had a guy hold up the rest of us who were 100% in agreement for 2 days because he "had a feeling". He couldn't explain it and flat out refused to share how he got to his decision of not guilty. He kept saying it was his feeling and he didn't need to explain it to anyone. Also he thought after 2 or 2 days the judge would call a hung jury and let us go home. We constantly.explained to him that the judge would happily wait weeks to avoid starting the trial over.

  38. Right. I've served as well. "had a feeling" would be including among the specific issues or be the specific issue that resulted in a deadlock. I just like having the details or having some semblance of things or even a hint of what happened before just jumping to conclusions which happens way too often (me included) on this sub with some case or event or outcome.

  39. Isn't the point of the internet to jump to conclusion with limited information and vehemently defend your position with nothing to back it up?

  40. Good point, lol. I mean I'll acknowledge here that the person I replied to has a good chance of being correct in some way. It's not like there are 40 different possibilities each with an equal chance of happening. There are like 15 possibilities, and the top 3 most likely ones are kind of obvious. But we don't know, and as with the Jacquelyn Smith killing, assuming you have the answer for what happened can often be way off base.

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