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  1. That’s why it’s sketchy. It was in baltimore

  2. Did you park in a lot or on the street or what?

  3. Yup, my bad. I typed in Point Street and it changed it to port because there is one in NO.

  4. No worries, it looks like OP likely parked in a parking lot of some sort that's right there by West Elm (or was, based on google maps) that's controlled by

  5. Watched this whole thing earlier and I just wish more people would check this out cause damn near the whole sub has hit the panic button and WUJ and the team are calm and like "we're going to take some time and figure this out". Like I said last week, Tommy straight up said he's not going to mortgage the future to win now, but I think everybody in this sub (me included) is sitting around imagining Tommy like some kind of mastermind who is going to deal Anthony Gill and get back Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

  6. Couldn’t disagree more. Whoever gets Ben will get a hell of a player, and he’d instantly be a huge positive difference maker wherever he ends up. He was just 2nd place in DPOY behind Gobert, All-NBA last year, 3x All-Star in 4 seasons, and averaged 16 pts multiple years with no jumper. He does so many things well, and it’s criminally overshadowed by his shooting (or lack thereof) in more casual viewer circles. It’s a valid critcism, but he is still a freak, elite talent on both ends. I don’t buy the idea he can’t improve either. He was only just 24 years old the last time he played a game, and works on his jumper every offseason (albeit not much to show for it yet).


  8. That's, my, MAN throwin down! I wish we could figure out exactly what block this is.

  9. Trying to see a structure with 5 stone steps leading to the sidewalk. I guess things couldve changed since then but

  10. This is from last week or so. I think if we keep having games like yesterday, things will go the other direction real quick. Like the last time Tommy did an interview on Post game live he started the interview saying they might have cut to an empty chair if the Wizards had lost that game (they almost blew a big lead or something).

  11. LMAO I just saw you're simultaneously saying what players say don't matter,

  12. Viral video raises worry over Sinclair's political messaging inside local news -

  13. If this doesn't do it, nothing will. The next 6 games before the 10th, which is the trade deadline:

  14. Sheppard's job is probably married to keeping Beal around ... so I think we'll be crying about Beal making 45M a year for the next 5 years.

  15. I imagined WUJ benching Beal, and what the fallout from that could be. And so I figure they'll never bench him (or Dinwiddie for that matter) in this current situation or just like Shep, they put their own job at risk. So it's basically Ted feeling like this is his cash cow?

  16. Translation (My own) to Deni's postgame game conference, Hebrew part. Taken from Pini Barel's live

  17. The actual reason is because before the task was simple. Score the ball. Wasn't worried about playing defense. Wasn't worried about getting other guys involved, as that was Russ's responsibility. Score the ball.

  18. Fucking breath of fresh air to see someone with an actually sound take on the whole brad situation. Well said man

  19. Thank you. I'm just as frustrated as everybody else. I just wish there wasn't such a gigantic disconnect between the team and the fans. Makes it tough to realistically talk about the squad. I love bball and this team is tough to watch lately.

  20. I try and tell myself “Hey Lebron’s team is mediocre too..” but honestly there’s no excuse for how much dookie was on the court today. DC looked BAD

  21. They looked awful. WUJ noted the lack of urgency in the postgame, but while he thinks he's talking about the team, I think they're just mirroring his demeanor. For better or for worse, if you're calm and collected whether they're winning or losing, human nature says they're not going to feel some need to go ham. Maybe the chill mode stuff works when you have a team of experienced, seasoned vets and a yelly leader on the floor like MJ, but this team is not that team. Something has to give. WUJ needs an anger translator or SOMEthing.

  22. Clippers don’t have pg and kawhi. Bulls don’t have lavine, lonzo, Caruso. Raptors are young team with a better future than the wiz. Hornets are same as raptors. Grizz have one of the best records in the nba. Nets don’t have KD

  23. Clippers have a championship coach. Bulls haven't had Caruso or Lonzo and were running it up, and not having Lavine is no excuse for losing to an 8-39 team. That's a bad loss, period. Wolves suck so bad KAT was talking about leaving and people were throwing him in trades, and the Nets have a hall of fame coach and two hall of fame players. Grizz having one of the best records and still losing to the not-exactly-killing-it Mavs is the point - bad loss.

  24. I have a Sony A7lll. Was using a 70-180mm f/2.8 Tamron lens for the shots. All shots varied between f/2.8 and f/4, 1/500-1/800 shutter speed, and 800-2500 ISO

  25. No issues at the gate getting in at all?

  26. Amazing pics. I can see the pores on Rui's skin lol. Thanks for all the pics!

  27. I didn't mind Westbrook as much as others because at least the effort and will was there. I would rather deal with a team other than the Lakers. They are out of real assets anyway.

  28. Go for Sabonis, Grant, others. Get some picks. Hell, even just consolidating the roster and shortening the rotation is better than this Brooksian rotation shuffle. Give guys half the season to put some kind of chemistry together and get in a groove by the end of the year. Like they have been saying, people need to get in a groove. I always hated going in cold for a few minutes or not playing with the same group of guys. You develop a role when you get in that flow nd you know a group of guys but when you are always playing with different people, it just sucks. It is easy for me to see why this isn't working.

  29. I don't get it either. I guess we'll see what happens these next few weeks.

  30. Can I get traded to another nba team fanbase this deadline. I can't watch this team anymore

  31. Ted should sell the team to a different city.

  32. Monumental money machine… he owns the building, and all 3 teams that play there!

  33. Feels like he's a slum lord. Won't make things better, and entrenched. It's absolutely inexcusable to have fans at your home arena cheering for a guy CHECKING IN. Checking IN!! Not scoring, not some move, Checking IN!!! GTFO

  34. Thanks for letting me know. Got seats right behind the wiz bench for tonight’s game!

  35. I may ask you for nice shots of Rui's shoes if I spot him wearing something new, pregame 😅

  36. He really does. He's super earnest. Almost to a fault. The guy seems like he'd give you the shirt off his back if you passed him in the street. I watch all his press conferences and he could say "aw shucks" and it would be totally on brand.

  37. Perhaps there's a forearm blocking your vision, lol


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