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  • By - z651

  1. Who is mod? Is it moderator? What is "hot Russian singles"? если можете, то объяснить по-русски что за " сигналы ", а то я не выкупаю :/

  2. single = одиночный

  3. Oh there were a few, that section was directed at them specifically.

  4. I've been podded on a gate by Asher. I haven't been podded on a gate by Mittani. Asher good, fights good.

  5. Eve is currently dangerously close to a quit cascade, a vaguely stable player population is vital to a game like eve, and other MMOs, if the games population is on a continuous decline like say now, it can end up accelerating out of panic. It's one of the main reasons why both wow and CCP stopped reporting sub numbers after the decline, because all it does is hurt them.

  6. Dangerously close? It's in the quit cascade. There are other busy sandboxes on the market now, so people have no reason to stick around other than sunk costs. This is why average alt count has skyrocketed way above 1.6. The casuals are out.

  7. Pretty funny how there's a 4 year old character on the chart with over 22k hours of playtime, for an average of over 15 hours a day.

  8. Reddit only allows for two stickies to exist simultaneously, and both current ones are pretty important. One of them is likely to get expanded soon™ to include this sort of stuff.

  9. z651 says:

    That's a statement, very poorly disguised. Do better.

  10. z651 says:

    They won't, because there are no penalties for overproduction so far. In concept, they'll find a good that's profitable at half the final price and gravitate towards it, feeding the void instead of the customer.

  11. z651 says:

    Bold of you to assume they are. You can just sell things into the void for half the default price if it's profitable.

  12. You've probably been asked this question 1000 times, but why did you decide to create a channel dedicated to Russians?

  13. It’s probably quite easy to compare the amount of answers in the mega thread to the answers given to war-related question and see that the frequency has gone down. But whatever, you are the mods and make up the rules. Hopefully, they are not created by a troll factory.

  14. z651 says:

    What do you mean bro, you're talking to Russians on the internet, they must all be paid trolls.

  15. z651 says:

    There are floor(2. / 1.) wolves in you

  16. that's dangerous, it might give 1 as a result

  17. z651 says:

    It's paradox math.

  18. Ну, я определенно не трахаю задницы. Я - девушка 😂

  19. z651 says:

    Всяко бывает.

  20. Even a minimum karma score of zero would help by removing several trolls (on either side).

  21. Fair but I do think the quality of the subreddit would improve if there were less 5 day old troll accounts. Sure they get down voted in most cases but it does negatively impact ongoing discussions.

  22. z651 says:

    In most cases the "troll" accounts are significantly older and upvoted, from what I'm seeing. This very disagreement is exactly why it's dangerous to play the arbiter of truth in a mod's position.

  23. What???? Then why we don't just give the gas away for free????

  24. z651 says:

    Let's start this shit

  25. z651 says:

    Ага, после первого бана не угомонился.

  26. What? What does this mean — “megathread”?


  28. z651 says:

    STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US! I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! MY FRIENDS ON TIKTOK SEND ME MEMES, ON DISCORD IT'S FUCKING MEMES! I was in a server, right? and ALL OF THE CHANNELS were just among us stuff. I-I showed my champion underwear to my girlfriend and t-the logo I flipped it and I said "hey babe, when the underwear is sus HAHA DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DI DI DING" I fucking looked at a trashcan and said "THAT'S A BIT SUSSY" I looked at my penis I think of an astronauts helmet and I go "PENIS? MORE LIKE PENSUS" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHGESFG

  29. z651 says:

    There's nothing wrong and everything right with loyalty to your people and community.

  30. z651 says:

    Question for people who want to non-consensually manage something that's not their property under capitalism:

  31. Вот так съездишь в командировку, возвращаешься, а тут такая драма мимо прошла. Более эпичный случай в моей жизни был лишь в августе 1991 - 16 августа мы уехали на неделю на рыбалку, а вернулись в другую страну.

  32. z651 says:

    Да драмы-то ноль. Админы нам писали, что за модеркой надо успевать ещё давно, так что мы набрали больше людей. Проблема до конца не решилась, и когда админы снова отписались, я не стал рисковать и закрыл саб наглухо до расчистки завалов. Сообщения от админов никому не в радость, так что чем их меньше, тем лучше.

  33. Let’s just hope it isn’t getting shut down on some Putin bribe lol, otherwise I guess that’s it!

  34. z651 says:

    It's getting privated on Reddit admins' pressure.

  35. z651 says:

    Wouldn't "Раба Господня" be correct if a bit old-timey for a woman?

  36. z651 says:

    It sounds like there's got to be a noun to go with that adjective.

  37. eh was hoping to fly under the radar since it was just music

  38. z651 says:

    Music copyright is the easiest way to get yourself memed off youtube.

  39. z651 says:

    The original leaked binaries crash often, and the working ones trade AI and optimization for stability. There are some script-level hacks that allow to circumvent the problem in most cases, but it also turns out the binaries are relatively easy to decompile, so they could be fixed in theory.

  40. But "fixing" them would be to change them and then we are back to square one. Infringement.

  41. z651 says:

    The binaries will also work at that point (hopefully), but I'm impatient. That clears things up, thanks.

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