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  1. k but fr theres this online tutoring service thats called PAPER and they pay above minimum and you choose your hours its great. Math and Science knowledge required though but they also do English (essay, passage analysis etc) check them out

  2. like i did not have autodeposit back then and you had to answer a security question in the past. autodeposit bypasses this security question

  3. I assume YOU made the request to auto deposit funds into YOUR (legitimate) brokerage account, YOU provided your bank routing and account numbers. I don't understand why you think it would be a scam, or fake money. It's a very basic transaction.

  4. dude im not an investor 😭😭 im a normal person who wants to know if scammers can e transfer you fake money even if you have autodeposit lol


  6. k but listen, TTC might experience delays so would that be a reason to ask for a deferred exam? like realistically theres gonna be freezing rain

  7. if you got 100% it means you didnt understand the fundamentals of the courses. you should consider other career options.

  8. this post is hilarious bc two days ago a girl came up to me in the subway and asked for my insta 😭😭. she asked how old i was and when i answered she said she was too old for me 🤣🤣🤣. shes 24 im 19 i get it though ive literally been with older. that being said even if she continued to see my insta she would of known i was gay haha. still it was flattering and she was nice

  9. MAT136 uses the same textbook as 135, so you can take a look at the material to see if you like it.

  10. BTW: im in second year, I havent checked if I can enroll into majors in third year (even if they are open). I emailed my registrars office but someone give me a quick answer

  11. its been a couple months and im honestly more educating on PrEP. And i get what you mean lets not stigmatized people for having hiv, i will not say clean anymore ig i just said that cuz people say clean in a generalized form when they talk about diseases but in this case it could come off as offensive

  12. Umm with that english idk how you’d do on the Supplemental essay if there is one…

  13. chm194 science and human values with gilbert walker

  14. Far as I can tell, the art of bottoming is all about being able to relax.

  15. 3.0 for first year is amazing. trust me it gets better it just does

  16. legion because hes boring to play as after the beginning of the game

  17. dropped it actually feel better now personally

  18. Yes you can. But if it's a required course it's going to delay your graduation date unless you take it in the summer. Check your program requirements

  19. Couldn't I just take it in third year? Like I would simply be down a credit so I could do summer school but for another course! Is this true?

  20. You could take it in your third year but depending on your program requirements it might lead to a situation where you are behind or need to take a 6th course. That being said some programs have less reqs from others and won't need you to take many req courses. What programs are you in? Look up their required credits. Plan it out in the years of school you plan to do. You can do this easier in the planning tools function of ACORN

  21. thank you sm! i need it as a program requirement, and it applies to some courses haha, do ill just do it in the summer and recover the credit

  22. k poppers are fun and yes help loosen you up for bottoming and even tops use them cuz they make you sm more sensitive and like just make you horny. however, they have health risks with constant use because you are sniffing chemicals! check out the health risks but know that if u are a “healthy person” a one time use wont do much. however it depends from person to person i really does so talk to your doctor about it or sneak medical professionals such as ones who work in a prep clinic or sexual health clinic as they ask you if you use these drugs!

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