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  1. Bit empty but a win's a wins. Fair dos SA

  2. Why did the wales 9 kick the ball away with 20 seconds left?!

  3. Because it's what we do for some reason

  4. Nothing, probably. I'm perverted by ultimately boring

  5. When I worked as a chef, we were on the same wages as the senior wait staff. We didn't get any tips.

  6. Greater legalisation of marijuana across western Europe.

  7. USS Thresher and all the other submarines that just went down and exploded.

  8. Not Ireland but yes to England and Wales. Although wales never had massive control, unlike the Scottish and english

  9. Wales was pillaged by the wealthy just like everywhere else

  10. Desperately needed a left footed CB to compete with Lennon (and make sure the inevitable injuries don't leave us short) and take pressure off Cleworth.

  11. I really feel for Lainton. Excellent goalkeeper who is truly fearless, he just has a habit of putting his head on people's knees.

  12. I'm pretty sure he's injured himself more than once in warm ups as well.

  13. Dibble's not inconsistent, he just occasionally punches his owner defenders rather than the ball....

  14. The millennium stadium looks great with Rammstein in it.

  15. They'd have to start at 10pm for darkness

  16. Is this sub now just becoming an endless list of 'on this day' posts?

  17. Good, can't believe the shitshow at Oldham was allowed to go on for so long

  18. Set it in the Victorian era. And the Daleks are there too.

  19. That's my mate Alex at the beginning!

  20. Laser and camera aren't expensive. If its just the developement investement it would eventually pay out.

  21. Mosquitos are a key part of the food chain. Keeping them away is the preferable solution.

  22. Came third in the world pop-up pirate championships

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