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  1. I think you're partly correct and partly revealing that you lack some matchup knowledge, or you're just being a little hyperbolic when you say these characters limit you to one or two moves. That's only true in specific situations, and if you're letting them continuously get into that situation, the fault's on you. And no one says Xiaoyu is low-tier to my knowledge; from what I understand, the consensus is she's mid.

  2. Man you just won't let it go lmao. It's not a personal attack, it's just that you are straight up wrong. Kazumi is NOT bottom of the barrel, Ulsan literally

  3. yes, i'm so wrong that pros agree with me. how did kazumi work out for ulsan the other day? even when he did win, people specifically pointed out that it was a big deal he did it with kazumi. i already mentioned that when we discussed this previously, but you don't actually read or think about my argument.

  4. Arslan made a vague tweet but to my knowledge really hasn't committed to Kazumi yet, let alone performed with her. Why do you think he dropped her in the first place?

  5. ...okay? so a green [read: teal] rank played like a real rank?

  6. If 30 years from now we asked an AI to make "The Most Jin Main Post", this would be it.

  7. at least one of the accounts commenting here has no other activity on it and was created the day this was posted.

  8. He's commenting praise on his own post with sock puppet accounts.

  9. the only time this should happen is if it was a 1st dan fighting another 1st dan.

  10. This is a real phenomenon. I go through so much Spindrift.

  11. oh he's infamous. he hate messages me every time i beat him. look at that win count! he's usually stuck in orange ranks.

  12. I think Tekken's inaccessibility to beginners is greatly exaggerated. You can get through arcade mode on day one, possibly on the highest difficulty even.

  13. Is single player or arcade mode fun? I like playing against AI to practice and just for fun.

  14. honestly, they're not great in this game. the real action is in ranked, but they'll at least get you acclimated to the controls and rhythm of the game.

  15. honestly, you need fluency before anything. get a hundred or two hundred wins and post again. you'll figure out a lot along the way.

  16. Master Raven is stupidly popular among what's left of blue rank players, and I'm sick of losing to gimmicks. Anyone know of a good anti-guide, or have advice themselves? I can do some labbing myself, but it's also helpful to have general strategy, like "As a Maven player, I hate when my opponent..."

  17. If a match doesn't appear in my replays, does that mean the player tried to plug when I beat her? I know I got the rank points, but it's not in my replays.

  18. Everyone wants to add all their favorite shit to Tekken, regardless of whether it would actually fit.

  19. it's typical beginner play. a robbery is usually when one player is very clearly ahead for the entirety of the match, then loses it quickly.

  20. Eh, would it though? They suck at writing. If they did call it that, it would be because they read a Wikipedia article.

  21. Hahaha you're close to getting it, tho! Ronso is a proper noun anyway, so we can imagine that's why it's not considered valid.

  22. why are you obsessed with responding to me? no one likes you.

  23. eh, i don't know why people are giving me such a hard time about this. from what i've seen, pro tier lists agree with me. and the "motive" i provide makes sense and has also been mentioned by others: the developers were sick of seeing her in tournaments, specifically as played by arslan.

  24. If he runs at you, it's probably 1+2. If he does it out of a jab sequence, it's probably 2. If he does it out of a little crouch dash or a weird sideways maneuver, it's probably also 2. If he has his back to the wall and seems anxious about that, it's probably 1+2.

  25. they could definitely do better with being careful with the customizations. i don't think they need to be banned--though i'm glad they do so in tournaments--but i do think care needs to be taken in tekken 8 to make sure important visual cues aren't obscured.

  26. legacy candidates: xiaoyu, hwoarang, nina, yoshi, bryan, lars, king, jun.

  27. All right, everyone else has chewed you out, so I'll try to put your frustration into perspective. Red and violet ranks are where throw spam is probably most useful. Your opponents know how to get frame advantage in order to set them up, and they're less afraid of random hopkicks and snake edges; the opponents will usually "behave" for the throw, but not break it consistently.

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