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  1. I don't know why people are down voting this. Beautiful Stern reference.

  2. I prefer Age of Steam, but Brass is a great game.

  3. Unpopular opinion: People hate George but he would not have done what Max just did

  4. Yeah that was a dick move from Max at the end, but George is the make version of a Karen. It's possible to dislike both.

  5. Great drive by George, he did an amazing job to avoid being crashed into by the other driver.

  6. To be fair, it's normally him doing the crashing into other drivers, so...

  7. Ferrari started to use strategy and decided to strategically place themselves behind Russell after what happened in Austin

  8. Makes sense. I'm actually expecting/fearing a replay with Max in turn one tomorrow.

  9. George surely isn't out there to crash on purpose. These are world class athletes that want to win. Crashing is never part of the plan.

  10. He may not intend it, but he's wrecked 5 competitors now just this year. Surely you acknowledge that as a pattern and not just a one off mistake. It's definitely something he needs to look at, acknowledge, and then try to fix.

  11. But how many Americans streamed the race? F1 audience trends younger and F1 TV is reasonably priced compared to ESPN.

  12. This answer would be interesting to see. I'm 44, so not in the younger demographic, but we don't have cable/satellite. It would be interesting to see how many people are streaming vs how many are watching on ESPN. I would also be interested in the age demos for viewers of NASCAR vs F1.

  13. I won't own any Amazon products anymore. I have in the past and hate their ecosystem.

  14. It’s awful, I’m so sad. I was really really excited to see what he could do in a Mercedes. In the course of less than one season, he went from one of my favorite drivers, to one of my absolute least favorites

  15. Isn't this the truth. He's just become insufferable since getting in a Mercedes.

  16. It was a penalty but Ferrari are 100% right to feel upset over the handling given how Singapore was handled.

  17. But they seem to have taken the criticism from Singapore and made a change for the better - exactly what everyone said they should have done last week. Now everyone complained that they improved? It makes no sense.

  18. I find it ironic that everyone complained about the penalty taking so long to be decided in Singapore and saying they needed to have these things sorted out quickly so they're a resolution before the podium celebration, or even better, in race. Flash forward to the next week, they rectify their issue from the previous week exactly like everyone asked, and now people are complaining that they did exactly what everyone was crying for. People just want to be unhappy and complain. And for the, "They need to be consistent," arguments: do you want them to be consistently in error, or do you want them to be inconsistent but improving?

  19. The biggest surprise for me was never realizing how inept Alpine had been with their driver academy.

  20. Basically, RB is playing a game of chicken. They're keeping Gasly tied down to AT in case of their drivers can't make it to a race. Meaning Gasly is good enough to replace Max/Checo but they don't have the slightest interest to promote him to the second RB seat after 2023, yet they'll only release him to join Alpine if the FIA bends over backwards to break the rules and give Herta a Superlicense. Those are some shitty tactics.

  21. They don't have to "bend over backwards to break the rules," the rules say they can count the Indy Lights Herta ran since the lower driver count was "beyond his control". That's not breaking the rules, that's following them as they are written. That would leave him 2 short, and a couple of FP runs fixes that.

  22. Honestly I think that Red Bulls best argument is for his 2018 Indy Lights (which due to Covid exceptions is still valid) to get partial credit as it currently doesn’t count as there was only 8 out of 10 runners in the season. They have a clause of “exceptions for circumstances out of drivers control” which that would be. Give half credit for 6 more points to get to 38 and just have him run a few FP1s and get this all over with. He’s clearly competent enough to race

  23. The Indy Lights argument is actually a good one. They could definitely count it through the "circumstances outside of a driver's control" exception. There are ways for them to get Herta a SL without breaking the rules, and then they should definitely reevaluate the way they award points to Indy.

  24. Yeah, he wants to play into FIA series elitism instead. Herta would already have a super license if the FIA gave IndyCar the same amount of super license points as F2.

  25. It's ridiculous that someone with 7 recent Indy wins would be considered unfit to drive in F1, but they seem content to have drivers like Mazepin taking up seats.

  26. Palou is very under the radar in everything it seems, he's good and very very consistent but doesn't show anything super impressive like herta does for example, not that i don't think he should be considered

  27. Because O'Ward is currently controlled by McLaren who just decided to put Piastri in their seat instead of him.

  28. I seriously can’t believe they discontinued Mango shakes. It’s easily the best flavor of all the ones I’ve tried.

  29. Strawberry, coconut, and vanilla are the favorites in my house. The banana and coffee have grown on me. Pistachio is okay. Chocolate I don't really like. I hate real mango, so I never tried that one.

  30. In this whole situation one thing is clear that Danny has the upperhand. McLaren has no options if they already promised Piastri a seat for next year. If I were Ricicardo I wouldn’t move one inch. If they want to bench him and spend 20 million on that… tell them that’s not a problem. Of course they’re not going to do that, they can’t afford it. And in the meantime negotiate behind their back with Renault. It’s payback time!

  31. He has no leverage at all. A team willing to pay his salary for him not to drive for them is terrible optics. After the past two years, if he were to sit out for a season, he'd never get another ride. He desperately needs to get with a team and at the very least outperform his teammate to show his talent hasn't fallen off a cliff. A return to 2019 form would be better, but not getting completely outclassed by his teammate week in and week out would be a nice change.

  32. Even if you know exactly where it falls in the Bible, the minor prophets can be just a few pages long. Unless you have a study Bible with a bunch of notes to stretch the books out, it can be very easy to flip past things.

  33. Civility, decorum, people's need or desire to know things or think for themselves, people's conceptions of friendship and spending time with each other, Nigeria's reputation.

  34. Seriously, what do Republicans see in Trump? He isn't a small-government free-market conservative, he's a big-government, tax and spend populist. He raised tariffs, which just means he raised prices for consumers, he's in favor of corporate and farm subsidies, he raised the debt ceiling and then the deficit by three trillion, he's anti free-market, he's anti second amendment, he kicked off the economic slide with his Covid giveaways, his policies actually bolstered the Obama health care exchanges by upwards of $20 billion per year, he used the government to pick winners and losers instead of letting consumers have the power, etc. He had some good policies but he also had a lot of bad, yet a lot of Republicans act like he was the greatest president ever. I really just don't get it.

  35. For everyone who wants De Santis, ask him why he is doing NOTHING about allowing Homeowner's Insurance rates to be raised, in many cases, by triple digits this year?

  36. Because small government conservatives don't believe they should be taking businesses what they should be charging? They believe in market forces being allowed to work? It kills me that Republicans/conservatives advocate for stuff like this. We're supposed to want the government out of our lives and criticize the left for seeing the government as a savior, but then we turn around and want the government to step in when it benefits us. It's incredible.

  37. Why can't we have one season without Mercedes on podiums? For all the hoopla about the new cars, we've wound up right back where we were last year with Red Bull and Mercedes taking podiums and Ferrari not able to get out of their own way.

  38. That’s because they are a good team and are generally at the top given their form. I am not sure why the hate for one team? New regulations were a good reset. RB / Ferrari built a god tier car. Merc is now improving. Nothing stopping other teams from catching up.

  39. Because they won the last 8 years in a row? If one team won the Super Bowl for 8 years in a row (or the NHL, or the NBA, etc.) people would lose their minds over how awful it was. But so many F1 fans act like parity would be bad for the sport instead of making it more exciting. Think about how amazing it would be if Gasly got a podium then K-Mag then Lando then Alonso. Think about how great it would be to go into a race where everything felt wide open, like anyone had a chance. It gets really old when it's the same people winning, dominating, all the time. Charles and Max have been fun and interesting to watch because it hasn't been Mercedes dominating like they have the past 8 years (and because of the respect and lack of animosity between them unlike last year), but it's disappointing the new cars didn't shake up the order more. I really don't see what's wrong with hoping a team that has dominated for almost a decade would just fade back into the pack for a year or two while other teams get a chance to shine.

  40. Ferrari have made a really fast car, but they really can't get out of their own way with their terrible strategy calls.

  41. He is going to be the most disliked guy in the sport if he starts winning races

  42. My wife and I liked him with Williams, but he's become kind of a prick with Mercedes. Even Lando said in an interview he's not a fun person anymore.

  43. Whole load of shit to just end up saying they're all racist. Why not just say that?

  44. Then they dislike George + whoever they dislike. Same as any other driver.

  45. I may have replied to the wrong comment because that was my point. I feel like a lot of people dislike George, just like Lewis, because he's with Mercedes. They dislike the dominant team.

  46. Wouldn’t be the same without Crofty ❤️ I don’t want to go back to the old days

  47. All the yelling is awful. We're thrilled to have other options.

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