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  1. It's a conspiracy theory that isn't true. Don't go down that rabbit hole.

  2. I wish it was, I don't think all claims are true cuz many just want attention or they believe but are lying about actually seeing it...However I know there are also believers in Christ Jesus just as myself who have the spiritual eyes to see & spiritual ears to hear....I came across the reptilian phenomenon many years ago, & of course being a Christian I was interested in learning about them & doing my own research on them to make my own call on them being real or just a hoax...Well obviously I'm a believer in Christ so that makes me also a believer in he Holy Bible and we know that in Luke 10:19Jesus said, Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you...Now in speaking about"serpents and scorpions," Jesus was talking about the power of the devil----demons, evil spirits, and all his cohorts....Now this that I've written so far is based off of faith & simply believing in God's Word so I always knew they were real because the Holy Spirit of truth never told me otherwise, but it gets even realer for me...I was basically infatuated with knowing whether or not these reptilian hybrids existed & walked amongst even though I already knew deep down in my spirit that they were, I still continued to research them & was basically like yep no doubt they are real...Just based off the info I found was all I needed to see, & let's not forget I have spiritual eyes & ears, have so since a kid...I've seen many supernatural beings as a child but yet had seen a reptilian hybrid except online....Well to get to the meat of this reply, years after I was into the whole reptilian conspiracy, I kinda slacked off from even caring about them & occasionally I would wonder still...Well one day in Alabama where I had moved to & still live, I seen one first hand & it happened to be a neighbor of mine that is an elderly lady....Now to add to this, I had known her for maybe a year & I always felt that I was possibly seeing her eyes pupil flicker into slits instead of staying circular but I could never get a good look at her eyes without being obvious about what I was doing...I wanted to find out in a way where I would notice but make her think I was clueless about what I saw...Well sure enough there came a day & many days after where I would actually easily notice she was one of the reptilian hybrids humans..And I think she was already on to me & didn't care if I noticed or not...It gets even realer, her whole family has the slits, I end up looking into the daughters, grandsons & granddaughters eyes & sure enough they all have the slits as pupils...They are among us & I'm really tired right now but Ive seen others down here since as well...I'm a chosen one as are others & they know we are onto them & don't fear them cuz we live in Victory...They actually fear the Holy Spirit in us...I got stories for days about all the demons, reptilians, grey's, shadow people, the hatman, & that's it...All demonic entities & they are in every city walking amongst us...all of them can shape shift because they are so ugly that they obviously couldn't blend in & deceive the masses nor manipulate the weak minded if they couldn't blend in as a regular human...This is why we all need Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit & our Heavenly Father or you will never have spiritual eyes or ears, you will basically be dead spiritually all around, will be so conformed to this fallen world & easily distracted that of course many will never even have a clue that they are right beside them in Walmart, or the corner store, or clubs & bars, or wherever,just saying they are everywhere & many are cunning & can control their shift very well others not so much...the weak ones stay underground because they are dead giveaways but even they have been sighted from time to time as well...But the ones to be vigilant of are the ones high ranking for the forces of the evil darkside...they are out & about in all walks of life...They just know how to maintain their cloaked human appearance without slipping to much...this is why it's usually just the eyes you catch,or the pointy teeth that shift or the lizard tongue even...They never want to let their scaley green skin show or their complete reptilian body head to toe for that matter, see these ones are the full blooded,whom use holographic technology as their human cloak...The ones I've personally seen & are actually my neighbors still, they are hybrid, so they don't need holographic technology to mask up, they just need self control and learn how to be moreso human than reptilian...The ones I see daily here are against Christ Jesus, ive got them all figured out

  3. He needs mental health treatment. If you want to speak out tell him to take his meds and tell the media to stop trying to make money off of bad mental health and making entertainment out of it.

  4. I would love to see some bans, temp bans, warnings, or disciplinary actions taken against users who are spreading dangerous anti-lgbt rhetoric so I don't have to go the reddit admins. This subreddit could be doing more to help.

  5. I'm out of town visiting my family and moderating sucks on mobile.

  6. Thank you for doing that. The last time I checked the users left looked like they won't bring it up again and know there will be consequences.

  7. 3:16 is really the gospel in a nutshell but there's more to it than that. I'd love to talk to you about it if you're interested! I guess my next question comes from Romans 1:20...

  8. I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. I'm an ex-christian so I'm pretty familiar with Christianity. I spent a lot of time in a pew.

  9. Okay. Well have a fantastic day. If you're in the states and celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it's a great one!

  10. I hope yours is great, too. I'll be having dinner with my sister's family later on today. The food is great but the children are loud. My niece is Christian and she's already had twins, another kid, and she's fostering another.

  11. Hey, please don't use mental health as an insult. You're promoting mental health stigma. That's not okay.

  12. You are. You're sensationalizing situations through unwarranted references to mental health and using demeaning and hostile language.

  13. 'Because Satan put fossils in the ground to fool us.'

  14. Lol its an appalachian thing. Pretty sure pitsburg says it too i always forget to tone it down so yankees will understand me

  15. This'n. y'ain't, y'all'd've, oughtn't've, y'all'd've, d'ja'eet, I'mma, d'y'all, shouldn't've, oughtn't've, oughtn't'tdo, y'all're, y'ain't, couldn't', this'n, that'n...

  16. What makes you uncomfortable about it? Is it just the number? I think people in that age range are all over the place in maturity.

  17. I'm still pointing the finger at hateful and dangerous anti-LGBT rhetoric, same as before. There hasn't been an attack on Christianity.

  18. All the art people have been sharing make me want to pick up some art supplies. I haven't done anything creative in forever.

  19. I say go for it! I’m no painter but I just felt it was another way to worship God. I just picked up some cheap supplies from target. I look forward to what you will create! Thanks for commenting and liking it.

  20. I'll definitely be trying some art therapy in the future.

  21. There's a really cool story around about a group of Christian blackjack players who won millions counting cards with lots of discussions about ethics and morality,

  22. It does sound interesting to fill an AI with a theology data set.

  23. I saw a whole lot of comments deleted yesterday. Maybe the mods were really busy? It looks like they are getting a scolding now.

  24. My ex worked at a Christian camp that was full of migrant children, here in Texas. I once brought it up with a coworker and his face just instantly turned to disgust. Texas is weird.

  25. I was one of those people once. It really made for a confusing childhood growing up. Thank god for public schooling though.

  26. My Church was full of creationists, but it didn't really stick. I remember looking at globes and wondering why the continents look like puzzle pieces, and I remember looking at animal skeletons and wondering why dolphins and whales and bats had hands.

  27. Easy to see why, it takes a lot more faith to be an Atheist than a Christian. Not to mention, many Atheist are not true Atheist, they just call themselves that because they’re angry at God, others just love being a troll, and after that, you are left with the few genuine Atheist. The ones not doing it for attention, or trolling, or out of hate.

  28. I don't see why. I worked for that Christian owned and operated business for a decade and a half and only encountered one Christian with that response.

  29. I encounter mental health stigma from Christians all the time. I get it coming from the secular world, too. And sometimes from my doctors and therapists.

  30. Maybe the shooter's attorneys aren't a very good source.

  31. I got an instant facebook pay last month, but this morning I got another and it wasn't instant. It's sitting there pending on my debit card.

  32. I didn’t say they were, I was commenting on the issues one can expect when posting here.

  33. If it's not okay to assume those comments are coming from Christians or the community then it's not okay to do the same with the mental health community.

  34. I'll take that as a yes, since you didn't say no.

  35. My bad, the comment I was referring to was someone else. I can't recall the comment that bothered me so I won't speculate again.

  36. You beat me to this one by like one second! That's the one who used the r-word with me in a mental health discussion about suicide and refused to stop and called me the bad guy for it.

  37. Wow, they were going to host a Transgender Remembrance Day today, which is Nov 20, to honor those lost to violence. I can't imagine waking up to find out your vigil has been cancelled due to more violence.

  38. My memories of childhood are mostly just abuse abuse and violence and moments of awkwardness. I don't really think about my childhood at all. I don't have emotion connected to it.

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