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  1. Anyone remember getting one in the story of World at War? That shit was fun

  2. The mission in BO1 where you could get the Thundergun was pretty awesome too

  3. Isn't it the same strength in cold war as it is in bo1 and waw or am I just mentally unabled

  4. It's good because you can PaP it 3 times

  5. I would love to be able to play games like RE or Silent Hill since the stories look so cool but I get way too stressed out. My partner has been trying to talk me into playing Biohazard 7 on VR and it’s like nope nope a thousand times nope.

  6. Maybe give RE8 Village a try. It's technically after 7 and you'd be missing some context, but it's significantly less horror-focused than 7.

  7. Cool, thanks for the correction. That actually puts him closer to my own age because I was born in December '81.

  8. I remember when Part 2 came out this was a whole discussion, and if I remember correctly, Pearl Jam had played the song live a handful of times before outbreak day. Joel must have a photographic memory lol

  9. Oh, why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on the top and the lady part on the bottom?

  10. It'd be a tragedy if not. It's an absolutely brilliant game...problems at launch or not. I brought it a few months in when maybe a few patches had resolved some of the issues on ps4 - despite an odd glitch or crash every few days (I was playing it for 5 hours a night every night) and I had a brilliant time with it. Played it twice back-to-back then a third time when I got my ps5 6 months later (by which time it played perfectly).

  11. Bought it day one on Series X and had a great time with it, I was lucky enough not to run any bugs more significant than some visual glitches and I absolutely loved it. The story, and especially the multiple endings, were surprisingly profound, and the world just seems so real. I'm waiting for NG+ before I jump in again

  12. I think they explained recently that ng+ would be a difficult undertaking with having to rescale all the enemies for additional playthroughs

  13. That makes sense. Kind of a shame, I 100% completed the game and don't really feel like I have a reason to go back again unless I can carry all of my stuff over

  14. I’m in the same boat. I picked it up at a yard sale for $5. I haven’t played it yet. I’ve been waiting for it to be fully patched.

  15. I played it on launch and honestly think it's one of the best games I've ever played. I hardly encountered any bugs, and the ones I did run into were minor visual ones at the worst. The story of this game and all of its endings are just phenomenal. I was absolutely in love with the world and was left emotionally wrecked by the ending I chose. Such a great game ruined by bad performance. I wish more people got to experience it with as few issues as I did

  16. I hadn't listened to the deluxe version until pretty recently and it just blew me away. I think it's one of their best songs overall

  17. That was the one song I really didn't expect to like, but I listened to it on the way to work the day it came out and I couldn't help but dance a little in the car. Such a fun song

  18. Right? It's a head mover. Also Dom just fucking flexing at the end makes my drummer heart happy

  19. Same with WAFF. I assumed based on the title it would be a fun song, but nothing could have prepared me for the last minute of the song. I get chills every time that part kicks in.

  20. Are you a fan of the Tom Morello / M Shadows cover?

  21. I laughed when I saw that I had gotten one but then thought it looked kinda cool so I'm using it 🤷🏻‍♂️ goes hard, feel free to screenshot

  22. Ethan saying “Groovy” is likely an Evil Dead 2 reference, the team for RE7 were very influenced by the series. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a chainsaw duel, which is where the inspiration for that Jack boss fight probably lies. It’s great to see the developers and localizers having so much fun with it and implementing things they like from their favorite horror films.

  23. Pretty sure Ethan's car is also literally the car from Evil Dead 2

  24. I've always said that RE8 is a better game, with more guns, upgrades, merchant, and NG+ really adding to the replayability. RE7, though, is a much better horror game, and really nailed the survival horror vibe better than any game I can think of in the last decade, except maybe Outlast. Better, more involved puzzles, and the atmosphere is just excellent.

  25. Can someone give me a list of good bo4 guns? I was never able to really find those good guns like I was in other games. Like I was never able to find those non wonder weapons that shredded hordes

  26. I play a lot of BO4 and my personal favorites are the MOG 12, AN-94, Hades, and Zweihänder.

  27. I want there to someday be a big budget game where if you wait too long they will just tell you what to do in detail

  28. The claptrap bit near the beginning of Borderlands 2 when he tells you (in extreme detail) to shoot the gate with the cannon is basically that

  29. Tales from the Borderlands is very hand-hold-y, IIRC (watched spouse play it, remember thinking if it was D&D the party would riot for railroading?)

  30. The part I'm talking about is less like that and more Claptrap being Claptrap and taking 5 minutes to explain that you need to shoot the gate but not while he's standing in front of it, but he's going to keep standing in front of it forever until you shoot it, bc the game actually wants you to get annoyed at him and shoot him with the cannon. Less hand-holdy, more deliberately being annoying to get a reaction out of you

  31. Fun fact: when the lights are on, witches also spawn outside of the house, replacing zombies. If the lights are off, they won't leave the house. Lights turn on every 5 rounds

  32. He’s not thanking the band Muse. He’s making a reference to the concept of the writer’s Muse.

  33. Armored Advanced is by far my favorite

  34. I got close but went for a gobble it wasn’t helping that every time I would get like 2 kills I would get red screened and pull out staff to save me

  35. It also helps to use the beacons, zombies will be attracted to them but since you're underground, the missiles won't actually hit the zombies so you can just punch them all to death

  36. um... didn't tommy get shot in the face?

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