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  1. REAL GOOD 8ths ARE $50-$60 Niggas be smoking and don’t know the brackets of buds ya be smoking on some high mids 😂or straight mids for $25-$35

  2. I got the plug that sold pzzzz of this 2 weeks ago for 100 had to cop 10 minimum 😂😂😂

  3. Nice good for you this was grown in cattaraugus county salamanca ny reservation

  4. Are you in the ny area ? I had these a month ago they smack💯😂

  5. If your in Westchester county or Putnam county def had these around there

  6. Your dumbass just said it and pm me stop talking hot through Reddit

  7. You commented dumb shit you the one on here dick sucking 🤣now shut up or jink up

  8. He didn’t shoot that girl at the party it’s all on video that was his homie banga

  9. It’s on video how am I ratting

  10. “His homie (street name)” video or not dry snitching still a thing but that wasn’t dry. Plus start saying allegedly because no one really knows the truth besides them and you never know who is watching all these claims. Just a heads up for the future!

  11. Efeeeee🗿 bonnii 🗿hupp 🗿heee🗿 gete 🗿lefff🗿 on 🗿di 🗿sinnn🗿

  12. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Like someone flies up and just starts giving Echo top??? How insane would that be

  14. OEM EVERYTHING AND GET TEIN COILOVERS I would say add a bballiance rear subframe brace that they made for the 5th gens too it looks sick.

  15. Not from NY so I’m super confused on this, how Yall have members repping multiple gangs, like how can you be crip and doa or Macc and gd, like shit make no sense

  16. Basically people jacking there block then turning a different gang but still jacking that block it’s not mixy it’s just all these niggas is oy originally and stayed friends but went to different gangs shit don’t mean nun Aslong as you don’t disrespect 💯

  17. Water ? Shit better look and smell like doja cat bald head

  18. Keep it the electric blue pearl was on available in 2001 and is one of the most rarest colors on the car

  19. Just looked that up. That's a pretty sexy car though I'm gonna stick with the accords

  20. Ah my bad sorry I'm not that familiar with the accord lineup I'm more of a Nissan guy. But these two caught my eye

  21. Respectable 🤜🤛 secon one is better imo 😆🔥

  22. Over night at ups loading trucks high asf then smoking on break with my coworkers ✅

  23. That’s not what I said. All it takes is a google search “chief”

  24. Insane gangsta crip went under the 3rd card back 2-3 years ago but before they was just insane crip gang under there own card but in jail you always fall under the 3rd card unless you branches off the rollin card that’s a whole different ship

  25. That’s crazy that building aka the “castle” on 21st n church usto be ugc homebase thats wink hood

  26. You too ???? I had to change my whole tb and now car starts and dies 😓

  27. Throttle body but you could possibly have air in your coolant or your egr needs to be cleaned

  28. Also thinking about relocating battery and fuse box

  29. Sounds like a timing problem change out the sensor

  30. Mines has a deleted evap abs powersteering horn and a wiring tuck if you want a pic I have one

  31. Go get a kswapped eg for 15k clean or a all original em1

  32. Iacv or fitv could be map sensor or just needs more coolant try all those

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