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don't know if I should laugh or cry

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Take-Two have gone on a rampage of Trademark Disputes, they claim that they OWN the words Rockstar, Take Two, Bully and all variants. Remember that slippery slope? They're even trying to claim @HazelightGames "It Takes Two" is profiting off their brand:

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  1. You son of a… take your upvote.

  2. Create a child theme and customize to your heart's desire. You'll need to get down and dirty in the PHP and CSS

  3. This is the answer. Don’t be super discouraged by the idea of getting dirty with code. It’s really not that difficult. It’s mostly copy & pasting from the parent theme and making minor modifications.

  4. Ouch! Thank god for the EVGA que, got my 3080ti for $1260

  5. Id use a custom post type plugin like Pods and then just populate it.

  6. This is a common scam. Stop communicating with these people.

  7. "Listen. Understand. That virus is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear...and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead. Or inoculated." - Dr. Kyle Reese

  8. It’s nice to see he landed on his feet after being sent back in time to protect Sarah Conner.

  9. In Addition, you can think of the heroes from Azeroth as a sort of immune system.

  10. Wait until they screw up and lose the trademark to their own brands like McDonalds did in The EU with the Big Mac.

  11. As a mod on a fairly large sub, I can confirm that I earn no money.

  12. But McDonald's employees provide a service and aren't self appointed asshats. That's the difference.

  13. The only self-appointed mods are those who founded their own sub. In which case, within the Reddit guidelines their free to run their community However they see fit.

  14. I'm responsible for a company no longer taking their customers out to expensive dinners at the yearly conference anymore.

  15. Rich people don't have names like the rest of us, they have ridiculous names like Ghislaine, Birdy and Thwan.

  16. I know this isn't the OP's question but I do want to caution people against attempting to sous vide anything in the package that it came in. Those packages are generally not designed for high temperatures and will generally fall apart during the cook leaving you with essentially a boiled mess and a dirty Sous Vide unit.

  17. I didn't even know this existed, I'm actually pretty excited. I liked Harly Quinn's show. I would love to see a more serious Batman cartoon made for a streaming service that didn't have to meet a cable network guidelines.

  18. Someone really shot their load with the name "Omicron", it sounds way to techy, like some kind of Transformer virus which will only rile up the 5g crazies.

  19. It's just a letter of the Greek alphabet. All variants are named that way.

  20. It's also not a government 5g tracker either.

  21. This'll be a waste of a good bill, not that there's such a thing.

  22. Is there anything more 90's that pixilated chrome tits?

  23. I use to scour aminet looking for tits. After much research I discovered two sources :

  24. Kids these days have no idea how hard it was to see a naked boob back in the day.

  25. I guess they were scared by the 6900 XT LC almost reaching the 3090s memory speed. But the 3090 still has more memory bus.

  26. Yeah. It's not just the chip, it has a PCI bus. But you knew that.

  27. For me, the 496.98 hotfix driver update fixed this issue completely.

  28. Update: Yeah, this fixed it for me, thank you!

  29. Odd, GeForce Experience says I'm running the latest driver 496.76. Do I have to directly download this hotfix?

  30. All onions should be called garbage and treated as such. Thrown in the trash.

  31. SG:U was great, if you delete every episode that used the Stones or focused on Earth politics.

  32. Stargate SG-1's bad episodes are pretty much all in season 1. They do have clip shows (because that was standard practice for shows in the early 2000s), but they tie the clip shows into the story really well.

  33. The dramatic break from theme is not the reason SG:U didn’t do well. It’s focus on drama that had little impact on the overall show was it’s issue. It took viewers into a hostile universe, that was truly alien, and it stranded our cast there with the promise of no way home, with survival being the initial issue.

  34. Probably due to wafer allocation.

  35. And they likely have some left over wafers from the first run. 2060s are using gpus that essentially higher grade gpus that didn’t quite make the cut so they would have more material left to make 2060s than any other product.

  36. I'm having this issue now myself for the last week or so. I'm running a 3080ti

  37. I once went to visit my mom and dad, and their computer was on in their room making a loud buzzing sound.

  38. Wordpress multi-site can do this.

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