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  1. Your solution isn’t the most ethical, and logically lazy. An actual ethical solution that’s more logical than yours would be to have simply give priority to organ donors. This then allows for the possibility of:

  2. zuzg says:

    Imagine unironically using the word term.

  3. zuzg says:

    Typo, referring to your using the term "Kool aid" like

  4. That’s because our brains are so large, we have to give birth while the baby is relatively underdeveloped otherwise they wouldn’t fit through the birth canal

  5. zuzg says:

    That is actually an outdated fact afaik.

  6. Which is strange because they come out and breastfeed...

  7. zuzg says:

    Yeah but the body ain't occupied with housing said baby.

  8. OP, this is using the "fake news" flair to its full potential.

  9. zuzg says:

    Ngl I certainly expect Crowder will eventually arrested for doing some sick shit. Thought maybe today is finally today, haha

  10. I don't get it, why don't they just live in the US so I don't have to use weird words?

  11. zuzg says:

    We need an bot that converts normal words used by the whole world into America friendly Lingu.

  12. Feels like you see good teaser posters in the lead up to a movie’s release but as soon as it’s out they go back to the default “main characters grouped in a collage of their faces arranged by the prominence of the character above the title of the movie “

  13. zuzg says:

    Fun fact but Disney did never Remove Boyega's characters.

  14. zuzg says:

    But can you even call it a good poster when there's not a huge Imax branding covering 1/3 of it.

  15. zuzg says:

    Some people can be extremely oblivious when it comes to cooking/baking while still being smart in any other regard.

  16. It should be Lupita. At least she isn't a crazy person on the twitters.

  17. zuzg says:

    Was Daniel Kaluuyas Character still alive in the MCU? He's a good actor tbh

  18. The character will certainly return. Just give his suit a minute to cool before shoving another actor in there.

  19. zuzg says:

    Hey we can glad that they decided to not give us a CGI Stan Lee in every movie after his death.

  20. I read the whole story, it was really fucked up and went beyond the simplified version in this post. He deserves every bit of that 450k.

  21. Christ, that really does flesh it out. Otherwise can seem like he sued over a well intentioned surprise.

  22. zuzg says:

    Yeah I'm the benefit of the doubt kind of guy and thought maybe he only told HR and they forgot to inform whoever makes those Parties.

  23. Fucking weirdos man. You shouldn’t need to have that word branded all big right above your face at all times to try and convince people you’re against it. These people are really as dumb and self unaware as they come.

  24. zuzg says:

    It's most of the time just virtue signalling.

  25. zuzg says:

    Ist Spezi nicht bayrisch für Kumpel?

  26. zuzg says:

    Gebürtiger Bayer der hochdeutsch aufgezogen wurde und kein Wort bayrisch versteht, haha

  27. zuzg says:

    Squidgame intensifies

  28. Age of consent for having sex doesn't matter for filming sex though, they usually all have to be 18.

  29. zuzg says:

    People tend to forget that getting rid of CP and rape porns was the main reason pornhub nuked 2/3 of its library a couple years back.

  30. no that is wrong. 14 is the german age of consent (with some terms and conditions so to speak) because there are criminal consequences to an adult having sexual relations with someone 13 or younger. And there is only one federal criminal code.

  31. zuzg says:

    14 is also the age when you become liable for crimes iirc. Below that age they go for the parents first.

  32. Why bother having any beliefs if you won't live by them? I can understand if you're a single mother of two or anyone else that can't afford to make better choices, but most of the "no ethical consumption under capitalism" crowd on Reddit just wants to have their cake and eat it too.

  33. zuzg says:

    It's the lazy mans excuse to support shit companies.

  34. He said while we're very early into this console generation and you still can count the amount of ps5 exclusives on one hand (maybe two).

  35. Soon I think. It only took this long because we don't have "stop butt fucking the consumer" laws here the way other places do

  36. Funnily the new iPhone still has normal sim card slot in Europe. They pulled the E-Sim shit only in North America.

  37. I was shocked when I first learned this, but now I can't unhear the Joker in Ozai's voice.

  38. He speaks the scientist in Dark Crystal age of resistance, also joker, haha

  39. The Joker in the Batman : Animated Series is one of the greatest Jokers ever. He is up there for me with Heath Legder’s portrayal of the Joker.

  40. Hamill did read Trump tweets with the Joker voice for a while. Those were legitimately hilarious

  41. That's probably bias. Two possible explanations:

  42. And in addition those people have no clue about how music production works.

  43. Cause it's grammatically wrong but has been used for centuries in this wrong way, haha

  44. Stiftung Warentest is a German institution that Tests products and they

  45. Same with Clovis, NM. Water gives people cancer here

  46. I'm suddenly even more thankful for my good German Tapwater.

  47. Votes aren't updated the same way as comments. You can't really compare them on a new post. It's now at 2k up at 96%. It's very much not downvoted.

  48. And as usual the "I totally get downvoted for this popular opinion" comment is the top level comment, lmao

  49. It’s not the number of speakers but rather the number of separate audio channels. The mix doesn’t care if you have 5 speakers or 15, it’s just giving you a certain number of channels and you choose to route it where you see fit. You can even technically play them all out of one single speaker.

  50. The mix doesn't but you will hear the difference. My soundbar can technically play Dolby Atmos but in reality it sounds worse than just Stereo.

  51. I'd definitely say that making a speaker look like it has 2 drivers when it only has one is some intentionally misleading, bullshit design and marketing. It's like if you sold headphones and one earcup didn't actually have a speaker in it.

  52. So I checked online and you still get them for under 50€ and in their description it literally tells you that

  53. Kreiswichs Übersetzung von reddit

  54. I was joking too lol. Saying I'm translucent didn't give it away? lol

  55. I mean your Scottish so it's a well known fact /s

  56. It's an ad for the next episode, haha

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