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  1. Some very negative comments here. You look very pretty, especially in pics 6, 9 and 10. I would say 5.5 or 6 overall, and 6.5 for those pictures specifically. Note that this rating system is very harsh and it's a good score

  2. I'd be careful with overrating

  3. Is this why my phone screen flickers everytime I answer a call?

  4. well move your finger near the top and the screen will die it's also extremely sensitive so it's enough to move near the top it's much further below the statusbar

  5. I sent it back the store was kind enough to let me but yeah it did happen

  6. You know it shocks me that Europe really demonizes the e scooter when they really are trying to find other ways of getting people out of cars. Police need to deal with it like cars. If someone is being a dangerous operator then yeah they should be punished.

  7. that's what I mean noone wants cars banned for stupid people the fact that these stupid assumptions is law

  8. I can but driving one even at slow speeds would be highly illegal which makes no sense

  9. Right. That's the same attitude I have when I'm riding my bicycle.

  10. yeah then you're good on the speed you're comfortable with just have good responsive brakes I found the regen brakes to be the most effective as it takes no effort to apply braking rather than squeezing a handbrake

  11. What setting would you recommend my regen brake be? I currently have it set to low. My Ninebot D28U has two brakes. One front electronic and a rear drum brake. It apparently has some sort of ABS. They feel pretty good surprisingly. (I'm new to scooters. I'm mainly a cyclist)

  12. mine has A dedicated throttle and it's what I absolutely love as I don't need a setting it's manual the harder you pull the more force so if you're serious about safety buy one with a dedicated throttle such as the ninebot g30d some Apollo scooters have it too

  13. I keep telling everyone all of this and noone listens it's obvious that the game cheats but most refuse to see that

  14. I am not a teenager I am not a member yet this sub is constantly showing up on my feed to the point it's as if i joined it

  15. that's my point I've showed zero interest in this sub I'm not a teenager and despite that it's constantly recommending it to me

  16. I took a break and missed the ninja tour original one I lost one friend and since I haven't been able to take breaks

  17. i was devastated when i lost my budgie and my lovebird so i didn't give my last cockatiels as much attention as i could have but i did my best for them, now i have one left and i am giving him as much attention as i can.

  18. i appreciate everyones kind words regarding my cockatiel that passed 2 days ago, it helped me realize that i did my best for my birds but some losses you never get over especially when it's earlier than expected, my cockatiel lived to be at least 17-18 years old or max 20 if the date on the first photo is correct

  19. What do you want me to do about it. The title IDs it as a parakeet. Owner doesn’t call it a cockatiel until after much discussion. And 15 yrs is a good age for a cockatiel, too.

  20. in sweden we call them nymfparakit i assume they were called parakeets elsewhere too it was my mistake

  21. Hey, I get similar nightmares. I highly encourage you to seek out therapy for the inappropriate shame you carry around. It's not healthy, mentally or physically. I am so unbelievably sorry for your losses - especially this recent passing. You showed your babies wonderful lives filled with love. Please, be kinder to yourself. Grief is powerful. We want answers, something to blame when we lose a loved one, but please don't direct that pain at yourself. You are in enough pain from the loss. I know it's hard. Blaming yourself is the easiest thing to do. It shows that you have a lot of empathy and are a very caring person with a huge heart. Usually, those who care more are harder on themselves. Even though my babies had all lived to old age, it doesn't make it any easier when it comes to "guilt". It has taken me many years to work on the shame I feel for my passed pets. I know that I did the best I could with the knowledge I had. You did the same. We did the best we were capable of, and it's not a failing to have them pass. It is life. It is sad, but it is not a flaw or fault.

  22. yeah the nightmares are never easy because I feel I wasn't perfect in the beginning I made mistakes but I was a child so I feel that went to my subconscious, I had those dreams for nearly half a lifetime always seeing dead birds or unfed ones. but I have always done my best for my birds but I think my subconscious is filled with that guilt I didn't know therapy could help that, this thread probably helped more than I could realize.

  23. I haven’t even seen your post. I am not there 24/7 and sometimes if we don’t get reports on certain rates, we don’t always see them. Have you deleted your post?

  24. Yes i did but i can post it again it was based on my profile picture i would post again but it has not been 30 days

  25. Well 4.5 is certainly an underrate. I probably haven’t seen it when the poster commented

  26. would I be allowed to post again despite 30 days not being passed?

  27. they'll know If someone likes them for them and nothing else

  28. it's a beautiful story don't get me wrong but they literally have the flash that can run through time like when there's a cure and star labs and you're telling me she needs chemo ? it just doesn't make sense, first they say they can't then they say it wouldn't be fair to everyone else and they can't share their technology so which was it as thee casually just changed their mind all of this makes zero sense just to shoehorn a plot, they tried to make excuses to make it work but it just sounds like plot holes rather than realistic reasons, I feel they could have gotten a similar effect if it was an alien disease with no known cure one that's similar to cancer but weaponized or something that would make more sense something caused by a meta.

  29. The issue here is backwards, outdated and illogical regulations that ought to be changed, not any given scooter.

  30. well yeah it makes no sense that bicycles can be faster than scooters considering a scooter is much easier and safer to handle in my opinion

  31. yeah it's not legal but it's easy to blend in with a normal sized scooter I feel something double the size is going to be different

  32. with that title I hope you'll get a surprise the last hour

  33. You know there’s an off switch on your device or TV? Why do you keep watching if you hate it so much?

  34. I genuinely like it it doesn't mean I can't react to things that make no sense

  35. It sucks that mods took down ur post, what did it say?

  36. mods abusing their power is a reddit tradition it was about the cancer making no sense in a world of super heroes and meta powers

  37. the worst part is you had to just agree with everything he says to get spells

  38. If you want to be evil just keep biscuit

  39. Do you think apple share holders get mad when other people seel their shares at market price? why is crypto like this lol "good riddance"? do you know their situation, do you know what their goals are? maybe they want their money somewhere else. a lot of good projects are down 90% since the sac time and they maybe expecting plsx to drop more.

  40. yeah shaming people for being scared of losing everything and rewarding people that gambles is wrong

  41. Dirty blonde i believe is the term or ashblonde

  42. Report him and go to someone you trust take your things do it now

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