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  1. Jfc Alec jr could carry her in a fucking front pack but I guess that’s exactly what her point is. “I’m tiny super mami,” Fyp. I know narcissists don’t feel shame but I hope this massive rebranding failure causes a realization that she will never be accepted in any public capacity again. Waste all your money trying, Baldwins.

  2. The minor Baldwin’s express signs of existential dread long before they turn 3. That’s one developmental milestone every single one of them has reached early.

  3. I think Oprah’s softball (to say the very least) interview caused Markle to think she could say whatever she wanted again… without being checked. This series is starting to sound better and better.

  4. Lol. It’s actually more likely that he has or will than not. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Omg the fucking Baldwin’s are exploiting Halyna’s death to promote her rebranding? This is the lowest yet. Really?!?

  6. Oh, Hilaria is a rabbit hole that is like watching a train wreck. I actually had to leave that one. But, Hoo Boy! Talk about moon bumps!

  7. I’m having to pull away too. It’s so dark.

  8. My adult daughter has a more classic, profound or severe autism. I struggle to pick an adjective because No matter how I describe it, I will offend someone. Much attention and awareness going to neurodiversity and self-diagnosed, higher functioning autism while she and her peers are left out of any meaningful discussion and the services offered are pure shit. I identify as neurodiverse and am glad to see so much acceptance and attention but I do see who gets left on their own, as they historically always have.

  9. I think some real witches cast a spell on her face.

  10. I wonder if she has histrionic personality disorder as well as narcissistic. I grew up with a mother with both (put herself first, desperate for attention, oversexualized, used me as a prop) and I was messed up for YEARS. Those poor children.

  11. I can’t imagine two more psychologically damaging parents if I tried. I feel for the kids so much.

  12. Everyone knows they don’t fuck to make babies. Why the fuck would their pr choose to publish shitty sound bytes that make them come off even more full of shit? Alec has given up on being taken seriously. I mean, why not just pass out hundred dollar bills with French diaper ointment again to homeless veterans? At least they wouldn’t be totally wasting money.

  13. What in the world are her face muscles attempting to express under the fillers? I honestly have no idea. Kind of looks like smug sassiness?

  14. The Baldwin resurrect Hillary media blitz is in full effect.

  15. Is he doing it to pay her off, distract from his rust news or because they’re broke? Maybe all 3?

  16. After seeing the mask slip in "come and get the child," I believe the theory that she has something big on him.

  17. I know pepinos hate the comparison but it’s very similar to the media blitz going on with Harry and Megan, albeit a whole lot more desperate, like negative z-list, and zero chances of working. They are wasting money. Their worlds collide soon.

  18. 💃💃💃💃🥒🥒🥒🥒🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is so funny to me.

  19. Is it the physical aspect or collecting kids part? Maybe I'm missing something when op says morphing into. Octomom is actually a good mom!

  20. She is, from all I’ve seen about her. In fact, she had tremendous challenges with her family and still did the best she could. I just meant I see physical similarities. I do think she fell into some of the traps that are illustrated in this afterskool video. She has even spoken about some of her regrets in being in the public spotlight. I don’t blame her one bit though. Unlike Hillary, she didn’t have as many options to support her large family. I’m not connected to this video at all. I just can’t say it as well as they do. I’ve thought it would make a good separate post but don’t have time.

  21. While her practicing alcoholic, trigger happy hubby scrolls sobriety pages desperately…

  22. These poor kids are so sick of being photographed and they are only a few years into this nonsense. They. Always. Look. Miserable.

  23. Not me. Couldn’t pay me to watch it. I don’t click on their articles. I don’t listen to her stupid fucking podcast. I will not inadvertently contribute to their brand by hate watching/clicking.

  24. What the fuck. She looks so bad and completely unhinged. How is it possible? I always assume we’ve reached peak unhinged and then she outdoes herself again.

  25. This is absolutely horrifying. Sorry for double comment.

  26. What happened to her face tho. Weird. It’s giving rat with pillow face aesthetic.

  27. The Baldwins brought all these babies into the world as props to exploit. They are very sick people.

  28. I thought he was telling everyone to quit Instagram and social media yesterday… on social media. Lol these clowns… 💃🤡🥒🥃🖕🖕

  29. The Texas raccoons are angry… probably the draconian abortion laws. I’ve lived in 3 southern states close to Texas and in 46 years I’ve seen too many raccoons… not a single one attacked a person. Admittedly, they don’t seem as scared of humans like other wild animals but I’ve never seen one attack a human.

  30. I hope one of the kids punched her with the boxing gloves. Sorry. This woman is terrible.

  31. Why does she push his boundaries so much? Does she hate her kids? I can’t understand.

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