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  1. On the whole I think the gender acceptance movement has more acceptance for self-identity than preference, but at some point the taxonomy (sexual role, social gender, biological sex, and presentation) of preference really fucking matters, and that's when people are horny or looking for a partner, and the disparity between positive identity politics and another person's sociocultural-biological-sexual preference matrix vs the simple reductive words we use leaves some on the gender spectrum feeling unwanted in their chosen representational categories.

  2. I wanna see boys with fat cocks getting railed in cute sundresses, I don’t wanna see girls with fat cocks getting railed in cute sundresses.

  3. btw I can't get my laptop to recognize hdmi input on linux partition (works fine on windows partition). I tried reinstalling drivers but didn't work, I wanna look at hot femboy/furry porn on my big monitor. happy thanksgiving!

  4. Man this subreddit is getting worse and worse with this shit. Somehow surpassing r/ shitposting levels of treading the same old arguments again and again.

  5. I never understood that. Like, yes upvotes, and sure, as an egg you may have identified as a femboy, but if you're openly transfemme and use she/her, she/they pronouns... IDK

  6. it's because the people who fetishize trans women and femboys just see trans women as boys still, so they post in those subs to get more attention to their other sites

  7. It’s just because they do influencing work like only fans to make money. I’m trans and don’t have an only fans or anything but if I did I would probably post my pics on any sub just to get attention for money, even if the sub was called big hairy men lol . I’d still post my pic, maybe I get a few more fans who give me money . It’s just their grind. I’ve never met an actual trans girl irl who calls herself a femboy and I’ve met a decent amount . I’m sure they are out there tho. I have met an amab who looks just like a girl but calls themselves a boy. They have a hormone disorder so they are naturally feminine

  8. Sadly this is exactly it. I do sex work and have a lot of other trans girl friends in the field too. A lot of them post to femboy and trap places just off the exposure, even though they hate it and never want to be called those terms. But they need to market themselves and drive traffic to their pay content, so they'll suffer through misgendering and slurs for it.

  9. Women for christs sake get back to doing kitchen work and that includes you trans women (because trans women are women!). Let me and my homies fuck in peace (trans women talk too much)

  10. I legit have a little bit of grief this way. I'm a pretty feminine fella but I'm definitely a fella. I don't mind how everyone conducts themselves so long as kindness abounds

  11. omg please fucking stop with this discourse shit about wanting to jack off to femboys instead of trans women I fucking get it oh boo hoo the inhumanity what a tragedy. Listen I even agree with the sentiment about that particular subreddit but I’m sooo sick of this horny complaining it’s just kinda mean at this point.

  12. It's literally just more creepy fetishization of femboys being used as a vehicle to now complain about trans people.

  13. r196 users when they find out there are trans women and non binary people who are ok with calling themselves femboys (it turns out gender was a spectrum and more complicated then they thought, but this minorly inconveniences their jerk off sessions so they pretend it is a rigidly defined binary so they can be mad at trans people )

  14. Gotta love how this discourse is always made by users with "trans rights" flair. But not the right to identify as a femboy no get back in your neatly defined gender box its confusing my sexuality surrounding this GNC subreddit.

  15. They could be bigender or pangender, or just assosiate with the term. If people want to express themselves with multiple gender labels than why should we stop them.

  16. idk trans girls can also b femboys if they identify with it. like.. bigender ppl or even just girls who like the label? :p like me ? lolol

  17. As a part of the femboy subreddits, this kinda drama has been pretty much over for weeks as far as I know. Transfem-posting hasn’t been an issue for a while

  18. i doubt most people become femboys because they want to trick people into thinking theyre a woman, most people probably become femboys because they prefer presenting feminine but they dont want to transition

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