In the United States, a woman was near death after being vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine

A woman from the state of Virginia in the United States told about a massive brain hemorrhage after being vaccinated with the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. Her words are transmitted by Fox News.

Barbara Orandello noted that she received the second dose of the drug from COVID-19 on March 3. The next day, she woke up with a severe pain in her right eye. Soon, the American woman’s condition worsened, and she actually found herself near death.

Emergency medical personnel took Orandello by helicopter to the hospital in a serious condition. “They told my son,’ There’s nothing we can do, just let her go, ‘” the woman said. According to her, the doctors had no hope of saving her. However, relatives insisted on the operation, thanks to which the American woman survived.

Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases, called Orandello’s statement political and urged the US population not to react and continue vaccination to save themselves and their families. At the same time, the victim herself stressed that people should have full information about possible side effects from drugs against coronavirus.

On July 1, it became known that South Korea will stop vaccinating people under 50 with the drug against the AstraZeneca coronavirus due to the risk of severe side effects in young people. The age limit was raised after the country confirmed two cases of death from thrombosis after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine.