Mercedes W11 F1 Steering wheel

  1. Pair of Arduino pro micros on a custom PCB to form a switch matrix. One Arduino running 'simhub' to control LEDs and encoders, the second running 'MMjoy2' for the button matrix. They just show up as if you've plugged in a controller of some sorts.

  2. The real thing has rubber overmolded grips, I didn't want to attempt that as the silicone just for the molds is expensive. So I got some leather/suede offcuts for free. Maybe an upgrade in luxury hahaha.

  3. Anyone with better knowledge feel free to correct me but: N- neutral +10- increment through menus in block of 10 BW- Mark- record moment of time in logs so it can be looked at by engineers post race Ok- ok Bb- - brake balance reduce BB+ brake balance increase Talk- push to talk radio Ot- Pc- Pit confirm (pit stop) +1- increment menus in block of 1 PL- pit limiter Red dial- brake balance during corner entry Blue dial- brake balance during middle of corner Orange dial- Silver dial- high speed Green dial- brake migration, adjust rear brake balance during trail braking Gold dial- brake balance (idk why they have two ways to change) Yellow rotary switch- strategy selection Purple dial- menus Blue dial- engine mode selection

  4. I want to try working with carbon at some point, but no it's a hydrodipped 3d print (sanded and painted). Seriously messed it up though so advice from any hydrodippers out there would be appreciated. Might print a new shell just to get it perfect :)

  5. It's actually on the back, where Lewis's infamous magic brake button is. Left side is a push button but in the right I've added a 5 way joystick style switch. It's super tactical and makes navigating menus in games super easy.

  6. Are you hooking this up to a steering wheel custom base you are making as well? Or does this hook up to some pre existing products base and pedals?

  7. Looks amazing. I'm deep into building a Ferrari wheel of similar vintage. Seeing yours raises a couple of questions. How did you do the labelling? Water transfers? Now the one that has me a little beaten.. The rotary switches. I couldn't source rotary switches with 12 positions. How did you go about that?

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