Front end still needs some work... so here’s the ass!

  1. yeah I understand the privacy issue, but the hassles are worth it...worked as a LEO for many years (happily out of it now).. I used to take it a step further and use a mailing address for my vehicle registration...or in an extreme case, I had a vehicle owned by a New Mexico LLC (I lived in a different state) not only was my name and address not attached to it (NM LLCs at the time did not require your name listed as a member of the LLC) but the company wasnt even registered in my state....

  2. That’s sweet! What are your tint percentages? I’m about to get mine tinted and I have the same color 4Runner.

  3. I don't own a 4Runner yet, but I hope too soon, could you explain to me why you put the tire on the back and it's not underneath? Is it because it's a much bigger size and won't fit? Is this the only solution to that if you have aggressive tires? Thanks! Beautiful unit by the way.

  4. You’re exactly right. Technically my tire does fit underneath but it hangs very low and I think lessens my departure angle, which is a pain when offroading. Thank you!

  5. You also don't want to have to get it out from under the truck if you have a flat in a legit off road situation.

  6. Sorry for the slow response, it actually reduces departure angle slightly but not as bad as if i tried to put the 285 tire underneath.

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