Anon is desperate for art-hoe twitter witch pussy.

  1. This comment has made me realise how normalised its become for women to have bright blue, green, red or purple hair.

  2. Got with this hot as fuck wiccan chick who worked as a horse wrangler... The head was magical and the pussy was DIVINE but goddamn if she wasn't a psycho.

  3. idk man, I had a witch girl in my class and she was insufferable and ugly , her stupid videos where she would film stains on her wall and ask what do these symbols appearing mean

  4. While historically interesting , wiccan witchcraft today is just an edgy escapism for weak fragile feminists who desperately want to feel powerful by " hexing the patriarchy " with delusional roleplay.

  5. It’s like these clowns haven’t sacrificed a single lamb to a goetic daemon of their choice smh. Lmk when these so called witches actually know anything Crowley wrote smh

  6. I had “witch” for about a year. Girl was so dumb she got worried that a deer might eat my knife if I went into the woods.

  7. Lots of these crystal healing chicks on dating sites/apps I've heard. I wonder why they can't find a man IRL???

  8. IMO, the spiritual scene is the greatest untapped resource for finding women (until people figure it out and simps/betas flood in ruining it):

  9. As a sorcerer, I personally find this new breed of hedge-witch to be weak-willed and easily manipulated. Not my type tbh.

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