1. Blame our own companies for selling out and putting all their eggs in one basket. We desperately need our own fabs.

  2. Russia invading Ukraine will only decimate the economies of Ukraine and Russia. It will also inconvenience Europe since Russia will try to jerk around with gas prices in retaliation. It won't negatively affect the US at all.

  3. US wastes taxpayer money laundered from everywhere EXCEPT the precious Rothschild federal reserve on some rando European country because of our the virtue signaling morals Economy of the West collapses even further until it crashes China overtakes opportunity on US US continues to retardedly rely on China Thus is the negative feedback loop of the 21st century

  4. I know that's a popular KGB/FSB-approved slogan, but to anyone with a brain, we all know this isn't about Donbass. Russia already occupies and controls Donbass, and has for many years. So this has nothing to do with Donbass. It has to do with Russia launching a war to occupy and conquer the whole of Ukraine.

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