1987 "Dino-Riders" Print Ad

  1. I can honestly say, I don’t think I ever saw the first part. Obviously the back of all of our boxes showed the second picture but I don’t remember the “before” pic.

  2. I had the Brontosaurus and the Triceratops, never did get that T-Rex though, one of the coolest toys ever.

  3. The one on the bottom right is a Twitter meme. Caption is “Just know that nothing will ever be as cool as this.”

  4. I’m still salty over the fact that where I lived the cartoon came on at 5am Sunday morning. Even as a kid waking up at 4.45 to watch a tv show was a bitch.

  5. I remember having the Pterodactyl/Pteranodon toy. I don't think I had any of the others. My 9 year old would flip if these were available now because he absolutely loves dinosaurs.

  6. I had a bunch of these as a kid including the T’rex, raptors, teradactuls, the one with the spiked tail, bronco, triceratops. Mom sold em all in a g sale I think. Wish she hadn’t bc now these things even outta package are worth a lot more my dad told me

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