Low FPS during large online races

  1. The real comparison would be to check your fps on a busy offline race with the AI. You are comparing hot laps alone with busy races.

  2. If you have two screens try opening task manager on the one without the game and check if anything is maxing out. Or if you don't have two screens open the performance tab and tab out to see a short history of the use on CPU, ram and GPU.

  3. Without seeing MSI Afterburner data it's probably the CPU. ACC is very heavy on that as it runs the full simulation for each car, doesn't matter if they're shown on screen or not.

  4. Yeah its 100% CPU bottleneck. 560 isn't too powerful either. My brother has 1400X, and it also strugles with many newer sim games.

  5. GPU having 4GB VRAM is not a big issue. It would be playing 4K on high details with triple screens. However, seeing OP having a budget-oriented system, he plays on medium-to-low settings.

  6. You can select an option « always on top » in task manager that way it will appears on top of your game

  7. I get some fps drop in dusk and dawn. That bloody bloom effect if the sun touches trees are not nice. So you need to see if it’s the same weather you are driving alone.

  8. I would suggest, as others, to run task manager and monitor your resources on what is maxing out when your FPS drop. Also you can use temperature monitoring software, for example HWmonitor, HWinfo, AIDA64, and monitor CPU and GPU temperatures and load live, or log it and check afterwards.

  9. You need to tweak your graphic settings as well. Good thing about ACC is having the presets so 8 have made one for solo play, another for multiplayer (normal) and one for multiplayer big grids.

  10. I found that bloom, volumetric fog and shadows are the heaviest graphics settings for the CPU. Try turning those down/off.

  11. I have a 3800x which should be powerful enough and a 1080. On 4k I have also FPS Problems with many Cars but could solve it. Here is what I changed and what is important to have a look at:

  12. No useful advice I suppose, but I had noticed a similar thing when I was running ACC on Linux - good perf during practice/qualy that absolutely tanks when the lobby goes into race session. Was never able to figure it out fully, but there are other people here discussing potential hardware bottlenecks which seems likely in your case.

  13. I've done a couple league races online with over 40 cars. With in game graphics at low, I average 80 to 120 fos in game depending on traffic.

  14. Unfortunately, I don't mean to be rude but those are very low-end PC parts. Im surprised that you can actually get that many frames in an online race with so many cars, you must be running Extremely low settings. Try to see if you get the same problem in a big grid offline.

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